Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Welcome to SENSE!

SENSE Research School is a joint venture for integrated environmental and sustainability research and multidisciplinary PhD training:

  • School for disciplinary and multidisciplinary PhD training
  • Network for high quality environmental and sustainability research
  • Bridge for sustainable solutions at the science-practice interface

SENSE is a partnership involving nine Dutch universities and two institutes.

SENSE writing week (30 March - 03 April 2020)

During this week you can fully concentrate on writing an article without the distraction of every day practice. The writing week will take place in a comfortable environment where you can spend the night. The presence of other PhD students will provide motivation, support and social contacts. Additionally, an English writing coach will guide us through the writing process with tips&tricks, feedback sessions and individual advice. Each participant will receive information on how to prepare
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Video story from SENSE PhD student about co-designing climate information services in Bangladesh 

PhD student Uthpal Kumar is co-developing climate information services with smallholder farmers in Bangladesh for the WaterApps project. In this video, Ela Ganguli tells us about her experience with climate information services.
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Upcoming Courses

Academic Publication and Presentation in the Social Sciences 17 February - 12 March 2020, Wageningen


Thomas Vincent Wagner The removal and transformation of conditioning chemicals in constructed wetlands treating cooling tower water
Wageningen University, Environmental Technology
Graduation date: 25 February 2020

Upcoming Events

World Biodiversity Forum 23-28 February 2020, Switzerland