Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Welcome to SENSE!

SENSE Research School is a joint venture for integrated environmental and sustainability research and multidisciplinary PhD training:

  • School for disciplinary and multidisciplinary PhD training
  • Network for high quality environmental and sustainability research
  • Bridge for sustainable solutions at the science-practice interface

SENSE is a partnership involving nine Dutch universities and two institutes.

Join first international SENSE conference!

One week left to register for the EURO-AGRIWAT conference Water Footprint of agricultural products: progress, challenges and solutions, 7-9 March 2016.

  • 12 keynote speakers, 6 sessions, 50 presentations, 1 River Basin Game, organised by SENSE PhD candidates
  • SENSE PhD candidates pay a reduced fee
  • Read more and register! Extended registration deadline: 28 February

Bregje van der Bolt (WU) in documentary about Tipping Points

SENSE PhD candidate Bregje van der Bolt (WU) took part in a documentary for Dutch school children, explaining climate change and tipping points. Bregje also takes part in an outreach programme for high school pupils and therefore has her own page on the website, where children can ask her questions. > Watch the documentary

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Upcoming Courses

Biological Processes for Resource Recovery 15 February - 10 March 2016, Wageningen


Rungnapha Khiewwijit New wastewater treatment concepts towards energy saving and resource recovery
Wageningen University, Biorefinary and Process Dynamics
Graduation date: 18 February 2016