Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Welcome to SENSE!

SENSE Research School is a joint venture for integrated environmental and sustainability research and multidisciplinary PhD training:

  • School for disciplinary and multidisciplinary PhD training
  • Network for high quality environmental and sustainability research
  • Bridge for sustainable solutions at the science-practice interface

SENSE is a partnership involving nine Dutch universities and two institutes.

Invitation SENSE Summer Symposium, 18 June: Make a change! - Successful interaction with society

The 4th SENSE Summer Symposium will address the improvement of societal impact of research within SENSE, with keynote lectures and workshops on strategic use of social media, citizen participation and stakeholder interaction. Of course the day will end with the traditional SENSE party! > Read more

SENSE professor Marten Scheffer in Science: Make nature resilient to hotter climate

You cannot easily fend off climate change, but you can make key nature areas more resilient to a warming climate, says Professor Marten Scheffer (Wageningen University) in an article in Science.

Scheffer and an international team of ecologists have already studied the examples of the Great Barrier Reef, the Amazon rain forest and the Donana Wetlands in Spain. Climate change threatens the survival of these important nature areas. But that is not the only threat to them. Local activities such as pollution, overfishing and tree-felling make the situation worse. > Read more

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Upcoming Courses

Reading group Environmental Economics 1 April 2015, Amsterdam


Francisco Estrada A contribution to the study of the economic causes and consequences of climate change: An interdisciplinary approach
VU University Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Environmental Economics
Graduation date: 1 April 2015