Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Towards a Global One Health: an interdisciplinary lens to explore synergies, trade-offs and pathways for food systems transitions

Date: 27 August 2018 - 31 August 2018
Location: Wageningen Campus

How does your research contribute/interact/impact to Global One Health

This course is essential to learn how to combine efforts of multiple disciplines to improve health of humans, animals and plants within sustainable agricultural production.

Aim of the course

The health of people, animals, plants and their environments are closely connected. This short course on Global One Health (GOH) aims to foster interdisciplinary thinking on the cutting edge of agricultural production, the food supply chain and nutritional and public health outcomes (human, plant and animal) in the framework of a food systems approach. Using an academically rooted food systems approach, synergies and trade-offs between scientific disciplines, such as social, environmental, microbiological, animal, plant, epidemiological disciplines, will be explored. Also the role of public and private stakeholders in the food system (farm to fork) will be discussed.

Course design

This one-week summer course consists of lectures, data practicals, group discussions and networking. The course will build on insights form social, biomedical, plant, animal, health and environmental sciences.


We welcome: 

  • Higher education and research: MSc, PhD-students, postdocs, researchers and teachers. 
  • Professionals: research & development, advisors, consulting, technical, support and public policy people both from industry and research centres.

Programme topics 

  • Overview of food systems, processes and actors, by faculty, sectors and stakeholders; including cases illustrating processes and actors at the at the micro-, meso- and macro-level. 
  • Impacts on nutritional and public (human, plant and animal) health, social, environmental and economic sustainability. 
  • Debate with public and private stakeholders on global One Health. Balancing multiple sustainability outcomes in the social, ecologic, economic and health domain. 
  • Filling research gaps, advancing methodology, enabling research infrastructures, data stewardship.

Course lecturers 

  • Prof Pieter van ‘t Veer, WU (Nutrition, public health and sustainability) 
  • Prof Wim van der Poel, WUR (Global One Health) 
  • Prof Fred de Boer, WU (Wildlife Resource Ecology) 
  • Prof Prof.Alexandre Caron, CIRAD (Health ecology Wildlife-Domestic animals interface) 
  • Prof. Aurelie Binot, CIRAD, Qualitative Research Principles and Methodology, Social Sciences) 
  • Prof. Christian Ducrot, CIRAD, (Animal Health Microbiology, AMR) 
  • Prof. Mart de Jong, WU (Quantitative Veterinary Epidemiology) 
  • Prof. Henk Hogeveen WU (Animal Health management) 
  • Research and teaching staff from WUR, Agreenium and EJP One Health

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