Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

World Food System Summer School: Food Systems in Transition

Date: 17 August 2019 - 01 September 2019
Location: Rheinau, Switzerland

The question of how to feed the world while considering human health, the environment, and social well-being is one of the defining challenges of our time. From changes in land use to dietary shifts, contemporary transitions in the food system have profound implications around the globe.

Join the World Food System Summer School and join a community of motivated and like-minded students, researchers and practitioners from around the world to explore how to build sustainable food systems in times of rapid change.

Our 2019 summer school will be hosted on the “Gut Rheinau”, one of Switzerland’s largest and oldest organic farms. Experience food systems and production first hand, being immersed in a modern, socially integrative food system.

During this summer school you will:

  • Discuss challenges, opportunities and innovations in food systems across disciplines, sectors and scales.
  • Collaborate with producers, leading research institutes, industry players, policy makers and civil society representatives.
  • Learn how to apply a food systems perspective, considering environmental, social, political and economic issues.
  • Create and innovate by exchanging ideas and working on case studies to address contemporary challenges of the world food system as part of a diverse, interdisciplinary team.
  • Examine how transitions in land use and diets affect global food and nutrition security while engaging with experts in the field and building an international network.
  • Experience first-hand the realities of sustainable production systems. This immersion learning experience integrates lectures, group work, case studies, workshops, excursions, art and includes guest speakers and evening social and cultural activities. You will also have the chance to do hands-on work on the farm.

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