Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Wageningen Evolution and Ecology Seminars (WEES)

Date: 15 April 2021
Time: 16:00 - 17:00
Location: Online via Zoom

WEES is an initiative from PhD students and postdocs at Wageningen University to organize a continuing series of stimulating seminars on contemporary topics in evolution and ecology. We aim to bring together different groups at Wageningen University using a variety of systems, but with a common interest in evolutionary and ecological questions. For this series we invite researchers from all over the world that have leading roles in their field. After the talk there will be drinks for an informal discussion and a dinner in town with the speaker.

Master class

Preceding each talk a Master Class can be attended. The Master Class is organized for interested PhD and MSc students. In the Master Class the attendants have the possibility to meet the speaker of the seminar and have a discussion based on recent papers suggested by the speaker. The Master classes are a good possibility to get acquainted with hot topics in ecology and evolutionary biology and to learn to discuss these topics with leading scientists in the field. MSc students can get credits for the Master Class.

The seminars will be held every 3rd Thursday of the month.

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This month's seminar

15 April 2021 - Wouter Halfwerk - Assistant Professor, Department of Ecological Sciences, VU Amsterdam - Evolutionary arms races in a changing world

Past seminars:

  • 17 Marchy 2021 - Eske Willerslev - Professor, Centre for GeoGenetics, University of Copenhagen & Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge - The hunt for our molecular past
  • 18 February 2021 - Daniel Croll - Assistant Professor, Institute of Biology, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland - Drivers and brakes of pathogen emergence
  • 21 January 2021 - Dr. Sandra Bouwhuis - Understanding senescence and trans-generational parental age effects in a long-lived seabird
  • 10 December 2020 - Maarten Loonen (Associate Professor, Arctic Centre of University Groningen) - Consequences of rapid climate warming for Arctic breeding Barnacle geese
  • 25 November 2020 - Dr. Alexander Haverkamp (Institute Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University & Research) - Odor-guided behavior in pollinating insects
  • 22 October 2020 - Associate Professor Hans Slabbekoorn (Institute of Biology, Leiden University, the Netherlands) - Noise pollution in marine environments: behavioral studies on captive and free-ranging fish
  • 17 September 2020 - Angela M. Smilanich (Associate Professor Biology Department, University of Nevada, USA), Defining the effectiveness of insect immunity within ecological parameters
  • 12 December 2019 - Dr. Bart Nieuwenhuis, Department Biology II, Evolutionary Biology, LMU (Germany), Plasticity and evolution – Loneliness and the evolution of self-compatibility
  • 21 November 2019 - Tobias Uller, Professor, Department of Biology, Lund University (Sweden) , Plasticity and evolution – an intimate relationship
  • 22 October 2019 - Christéle Humblot, UMR Nutripass, IRD Montpellier (France), Role of lactic acid bacteria in nutritional properties of cereals 
  • 19 September 2019 - Detmer Sipkema, Associate Professor, Laboratory of Microbiology, Wageningen University, Deep impact: how sponges, their microbes and metabolites change with depth
  • 20 June 2019 - Rens Wijnakker, MSc, Project Leader, FABRICations, Amsterdam, City as nature - healthy living for plants, animals and people
  • 16 May 2019 - Britt Koskella, Assistant Professor, Department of integrative Biology, UC Berkeley (US), Friends, Foes, and Phages in the Phyllosphere
  • 18 April 2019 - Herwig Bachmann, Expertise group leader fermentation, NIZO Food Research (Netherlands), Optimization of microbial metabolism through experimental evolution
  • 21 March 2019 - Elisabeth Bolund, Assistant Professor, Uppsala University (Sweden), Department of Ecology and Genetics, Animal Ecology, The evolution of sexually dimorphic life histories
  • 28 February 2019 - Prof. Dr. Jane Reid, University of Aberdeen, UK, Integrating movements into evolutionary ecology: Fitness, dispersal and seasonal timing
  • 24 January 2019 - Dr. Kamiel Spoelstra, Netherlands institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), Assessment of behavioural responses on environmental stressors in the field
  • 18 December 2018 - Dominic Wright, Associate Professor, IFM Biology, Linköping University (Sweden): The DNA Methylation Landscape in the Chicken and its Role in Domestication"
  • 25 October 2018 - Dr. Daniel Bopp, Institute of Molecular Sciences, University of Zurich (Switzerland), Genetics and evolution of sex determination system in the common housefly
  • 27 September 2018 - Sue Healy, Professor, School of Biology, University of St. Andrews, U.K., What does it take to build a nest
  • 28 June 2018 - Chris Templeton, Assistant Professor, Biology Department, Pacific University (Oregon, USA): Sound the alarm! - Anti-predator communication in social flocks of chickadees and tits
  • 31 May 2018 - Jeff Ollerton, Professor of Biodiversity, Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, University of Northampton (UK): Macroecology and macroevolution of plant-pollinator interaction
  • 25 April 2018 - Amelia-Elena Rotaru, Assistant Professor, NORDCEE, Department of Biology, University of Southern Denmark: Feeding on electrons
  • 5 April 2018 - Israel Pagán, Assistant Professor, Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain: Extreme tactics of plant virus transmission: from seed dispersion to parasitic castration
  • 1 March 2018 - Jaboury Ghazoul, Professor of Ecosystem Management, ETH Zurich and Prince Bernhard Chair of International Nature Conservation, Utrecht University: Responding to Restoration Challenges
  • 30 January 2018 - Dr. Alejandro Tena, Researcher, Center for Plant Protection and Biotechnology; IVIA – Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias (ESP) - Honeydew as food source for insects: a sweet that can become toxic
  • 14 December 2017 - Dr. Anne-Nathalie Volkoff, Research Director, “Diversity, Genomes, and Insects-Microorganisms Interactions” (DGIMI), UMR INRA – Université Montpellier (FRA) - Endogenous viruses used by parasitic wasps to deliver virulence molecules to their hosts ”
  • 20 November 2017 - Professor Michael Brockhurst, Professor of Professor of Microbial Evolution, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (UK): “Microbial evolution: Taking a dip in the mobile gene pool”
  • 25 October 2017 - Prof. Dr. František Marec, Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Cytogenetics & Director of the Institute of Entomology, Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences - From sex chromosomes to sex determination in Lepidoptera
  • 28 September 2017 - Dr. Andrea Gröne, Professor of Pathology at Utrecht University - Why bother? Disease is normal in wildlife
  • 31 August 2017 - Richard Lenski, John Hanna Distinguished Professor, Michigan State University - Dynamics of Adaptation and Genome Evolution in a Long-Term Experiment
  • 22 June 2017 - Alexie Papanicolaou, assistant professor at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment, Western Sydney University - Identification of a new sensory neuron membrane gene and why phylogenomics is important
  • 1 June 2017 - Dr. Hans Jacquemyn - Network architecture and species coexistence in spiecies-rich orchid communities
  • 12 April 2017 - Mike Singer - Department of Biological Sciences, Plymouth University, UK: "One butterfly species tumbles off an adaptive peak and enters a lethal trap in the course of six host shifts observed across half a century"
  • 16 March 2017 - Nikki Tagg - Project Director 'Projet GTrands Signes', Centre for Research & Conservation, Royal Zoological Society Antwerp, Belgium: "The impact of human activity on great apes in non-protected forests - implications for conservation and co-existence"
  • 23 February 2017 - Mart Krupovic - Research scientist at the Institut Pasteur of Paris, France: "Natural history of viral capsids" , Read more
  • 19 January 2017 - Bregje Wertheim - Associate Professor, GELIEFS, University of Groningen: Evolving immunity: Genomic basis of the evolution and variation in parasitoid resistance
  • 15 December 2016 - Robert A. Junker - Salzburg, Austria: Integrating the chemical ecology of flowers into community ecology, Read more
  • 24 November 2016 - Prof.dr. Berenike Maier: Watching bacterial gene transfer, Read more & video
  • 21 October 2016 - Dr. Johan Takekawa - Audubon California and USGS Western Ecological Research Center (USA): Unravelling the role of migratory birds in the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza: challenges of an eco-virological approach, Read more
  • 22 September 2016 - Jeffrey A. Harvey - NIOO-KNAW Wageningen / VU Amsterdam: Full spectrum ant mimicry in facultative hyperparasitoid wasps
  • 16 June 2016 - Dan Tawfik - Weizmann Institute of Science - Rehovot (Israel), Read more
  • 19 May 2016 - Ian Kaplan - Purdue University, College of Agriculture, Entomology (US)
  • Mike Jetten - Soehngen Institute of Anaerobic Microbiology, Radboud University, Nijmegen: Discovery and application of "impossible" anaerobic micro-organisms in the biogeochemical cycling of nitrogen and methane (21 April 2016), Read more
  • Etienne Danchin - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique - Laboratory Évolution & Diversité Biologique - Toulouse (France) (17 March 2016), Read more 
  • Daniel Streicker: Ecological and evolutionary insights into the dynamics and control of viruses in bats (February 2016), Read more 
  • Arnold van Vliet: The strenght of citizen science in helping society adapt to environmental change (January 2016), Read more
  • Tinde van Andel: Can the belief in magic plants lead to rainforest conservation? (December 2015), Read more
  • Marc-Andre Selosse: Mycoheterotrophy and mixotrophy : plants eating mycorrhizal fungi (November 2015), Read more
  • Julien Veraldi: Behavioural manipulation and horizontal gene transfer in a virus-parasitoid interaction (October 2015), Read more
  • Christian C. Voigt: Bat movements in anthropogenic landscapes: Old and new challenges for a highly mobile taxon (September 2015), Read more
  • Michael Begon: Infectious diseases: from wild rodents to universal truths (June 2015), Read more
  • Yolanda Chen: Anthropogenic effects on insect-plant interactions in agriculture: crop domestication and global invasions (May 2015), Read more
  • Sander van Doorn: Evolution out of equilibrium: Perpetual intersexual arms races triggered by the resolution of sexual conflict (April 2015), Read more
  • Hanna Kokko: Males exist. Does it matter? (March 2015), Read more
  • Doug Landis: Redesigning Agricultural Landscapes for Multiple Ecosystem Services (February 2015), Read more
  • Kevin Foster: The evolution of cooperation and competition in microbes (January 2015), Read more
  • Koos Biesmeijer: On bees, pollination and food security (December 2014), Read more
  • Lee Dugatkin: The interaction of genes and culture in shaping mate choice (November 2014), Read more
  • Michael Desai: Adaptation and Epistasis in Laboratory Budding Yeast (October 2014), Read more
  • Joy Bergelson: Maintaining an ancient balanced polymorphism for resistance amidst diffuse intereactions (September 2014), Read more

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