Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Plant-Soil Interaction Discussion group

Date: 17 March 2017
Time: 15:30 - 17:00
Location: Radix M6, Wageningen


The Plant and Soil Interactions discussion group offers a platform to discuss the current and cutting edge research in plant and soil science. Meetings are aimed at facilitating networking and collaboration between young scientists researching many aspects of how soil and plants interact. Topics of the meetings are related to plant and soil research and are chosen according to the current interests of the group, e.g. topics involving nutrient and carbon cycling, plant interactions with soil biota or connections between the above and belowground communities. Meetings have a varying format which is chosen to fit the topic: e.g. debate on experimental set ups and scientific methods used in plant and soil science, lectures and discussion with invited speakers, or critical review of current literature. We aim to create a place that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and feedback between young researchers in plant and soil science. What do you want to discuss?


Future seminars

  • 17 March 2017: During this meeting we will talk about plant breeding for nitrogen use efficiency with Prof. dr. ir. Edith Lammerts van Bueren (Plant breeding, WUR & Louis Bolk institute) and about the effect of breeding process on microbial assemblages with Juan Perez-Jaramillo (NIOO KNAW). After the two talks there will be room for discussion while enjoying some drinks!"

Past seminars

  • 17 February 2017: Johannes Postma (researcher at Forschungszentrum Jülich): "How root architectural traits influence resource acquisition and plant growth: Simulation studies with OpenSimRoot"
    Interactive part: "Connecting structure-function models to root architecture in the field"
  • 10 November 2016: Prof.dr. Ellis Hofland: "Plant root exudates: what are they, what are their functions and how can we collect them?" 
  • 21 October 2016: PSI special in Amsterdam with Vincent Merckx from Naturalis (Leiden). Vincent Merckx will enlighten us on the symbioses of plants with mycorrhizal fungi. His talk will be combined with a visit to Micropia, a museum on the World of Microbes. > Read more and register
  • 20 September 2016: Paula Harkes: "The effect of alien plant species on the rhizosphere food web"
     and Janna Barel: "Legacy effects of cover crop mixtures in rotation"
  • 13 July 2016: Diego Abalos (post-doc at S Quality, WUR)
  • 22 June 2016: Rutger Wiltschut and Stefan Geissen - Methodological developments to decipher soil nematode communities
  • 19 May 2016: André Braga Junqueira (Soil Quality, WUR) - Smallholder farmers' perceptions and use of soil heterogeneity in plant cultivation systems
  • 20 April 2016: Oene Oenema (Alterra) - What chemical and physical soil properties should every researcher measure?
  • 16 March 2016: Dr. Ana Pineda (NIOO-KNAW) - Plant-insect interactions shaped by beneficial soil microbes
  • 2 March 2016: Interactions between insects, plants and soil
  • 3 February 2016: The PSI kick-off meeting with Olga Kostenko (NIOO-KNAW) - The importance of plant soil interactions


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