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SENSE Education

Introductory Guide SENSE
All new PhD students are adviced to read the Intoductory Guide.
SENSE PhD students are required to submit an Individual Training and Supervision Plan (ITSP). When you have completed your ITSP, you will get a SENSE Certificate. Read more about the requirements for your ITSP.
Some organisations offer opportunities for funding for PhD students. 
For Course Coordinators
Are you planning to organise a course? Are you already involved in a course?
We have compiled a page with information related to the organisation of your course within the SENSE Research School.
You can also read the SENSE Course Coordinators Guide!


PhD Courses:

You can search for specific courses using the searchpage
PhD Discussion Groups:
The Wageningen graduate School PE&RC and the Wageningen School of Social Sciences offer a number of discussion groups. The PE&RC discussion groups are open for PhD candidates from all graduate schools. SENSE PhD candidates may also get ITSP credits for participation in these discussion groups. Read more 


PhD Seminar Series:
The VU-IVM section Environmental Policy Analysis hosts the SENSE Research seminar series Amsterdam Laboratory on Earth System Governance, a weekly, research seminar on environmental and "earth-system" governance (1-2 ECTS).

Courses for PhD supervisors:



Online course

N44311: Environmental Problems: Crossing Boundaries between Science, Policy and Society (OU)

e-Learning, online course
4.3 ECTS
Link to the course (Word file).

Upcoming SENSE courses and courses in the SENSE field by others


S104E Lasers and Optics in Fluid Research
1 May - 13 June 2014, Leeuwarden, 4.0 ECTS


UK Biocultural Landscape Ecology Workshops
8 May 2014, Edinburgh, UK


ISRIC's Spring School 2014: 5-day training course for soil mappers and soil scientists
12-16 May 2014, Wageningen


Course Water Footprint Application for Water Resources Management in Agriculture
12-16 May 2014, Florence, Italy


STEPS Centre Summer School 2014
12-23 May 2014, University of Sussex, UK


S010A5 Introduction to R for statistical analysis
19-20 May 2014, Wageningen, 0.6 ECTS


Short course on the role of Biosphere Reserves in promoting the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development
A series of days between 26 May and 3 June, Utrecht, 1.5 ECTS


S010B Basic Statistics
26 May - 6 June 2014, Wageningen, 1.5 ECTS


IIASA Young Scientists Summer Programme
1 June - 31 August 2014, Laxenburg, Austria


 NEW!! Spring School Host-Microbe Interactomics
2-4 June, Wageningen


S010A1 Linear Models
10-12 June 2014, Wageningen, 0.9 ECTS


S010A3 Generalized Linear Models
16-17 June 2014, Wageningen, 0.6 ECTS


Thor Heyerdahl Summer School in Environmental Governance on "The Green Economy"
16-27 June 2014, Norwegian University of Life Science, deadline for registration: 20 February 2014


S010A2 Mixed Linear Models
19-20 June 2014, Wageningen, 0.6 ECTS


International Summer School Urban Transitions to Sustainability
22-26 June 2014, Rheims, France, 1.4 ECTS


S010A7 Meta-Analysis
23-24 June 2014, Wageningen, 0.6 ECTS


S126E Advanced Course on Environmental Biotechnology
1-11 July 2014, Delft


 NEW!! S011 Basic Modelling
7-18 July 2014, Wageningen, 3.0 ECTS


 NEW!! Summer School 2014: Biofuels powering a green, bio-based economy?
7-18 July 2014, Utrecht


What Ecology can learn from natural and human-induced disturbances - A cross-system view
7-18 July 2014, Barcelona, Spain


S234E Human induced Soil Degradation - Seminar and excursion
14-18 July, with preparation in Wageningen on 7-8 July; Bonn, Germany; 3.0 ECTS


Uncertainty in climate change research: An integrated approach
21 July - 6 August 2014, Boulder, Colorado, USA


 NEW!! Radboud Summer School Water, Health, and Sustainable Development
4-15 August 2014, Nijmegen, 6.0 ECTS


 NEW!! Radboud Summer School Entrepreneurship and Global Sustainability
17-23 August 2014, Nijmegen, 2.0 ECTS


Bugs at your service - Fundamentals and application of arthropod-mediated ecosystem services
31 August - 5 September 2014, Doorwerth


PhD Course Gender, Development and Environmental Governance
24-28 September 2014, Sweden, 7.5 ECTS


A1 Environmental Research in Context
1-3 October 2014, location to be announced (Wednesday 1 October in Delft), 2.0 ECTS


 NEW!! S013E Multivariate Analysis
14-23 October 2014, location to be announced, 1.5 ECTS


S140 Risk Assessment
20-24 October 2014, Wageningen


Zero Inflated Models & GLMM with R - Frequentist and Bayesian approaches
15-19 December 2014, Wageningen, 3.0 ECTS


S475 Grasping Sustainability
Expected: April 2015, 1.5 ECTS

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