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SENSE Research

This is the online catalog of research as conducted in the SENSE research school.


The SENSE Research Guide is fully interactive. SENSE researchers may add and edit their own research description(s), and may also add their own photograph. Visitors (from within SENSE and from all over the world) may perform a variety of search actions and thereby find the descriptions of research they are interested in.


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Add New Researchers
If you are logged in, then edit your personal research project here.

If you work with SENSE and your research is not in this SENSE Research Guide yet, then you are now invited to register yourself online at this page and to add your research description (which you may edit later if need be)! Can you do this? Yes, it's easy!

Thanks to the search options, your research description may generate responses from visitors who participate in SENSE as well as from visitors all over the world.

Should you experience any difficulties in this process, or if you have great ideas to further improve all this, then please contact our webmaster

List research by institute
Get a list of SENSE research done at one of the institutes:
Wageningen University WIMEK - Wageningen Institute for Environment and Climate Research
Leiden University CML - Centre of Environmental Science
Utrecht University Copernicus Institute - for Sustainable Development and Innovation
University of Amsterdam (UvA) IBED - Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
VU University Amsterdam (VU) IES - Institute of Ecological Science
IVM - Institute for Environmental Studies
Groningen University IVEM - Center for Energy and Environmental Studies
Nijmegen University CWE - Department of Environmental Studies
CWS - Department of Environmental Biology
Maastricht University ICIS - International Centre for Integrated assessment and Sustainable development
UNESCO-IHE UNESCO-IHE - Institute for Water Education
University of Twente UT - Water Management Group

List by core
SENSE has four cores. You can get a list of all researchers in a specific core. (Please be aware that this feature has been added recently and most researchers have not filled in their core(s) yet, and these will not show up in this list)
Core 1. Micropollutants.
Core 2. Environmental change and ecosystem dynamics.
Core 3. Global change: climate, land use and biogeochemical cycles.
Core 4. Industrial transformation - towards sustainable use of energy and materials.

Search by keyword(s)

Browse through the keywords added to the research descriptions

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