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Information for Course coordinators

On this page we present some information that is of interest for the organizers of SENSE courses. The information includes (1) general instructions for SENSE course coordinators, (2) the SENSE evaluation form and (3) the SENSE flyers and posters, (4) funding of courses, (5) the online course overview and (6) course participants.

The SENSE Research school wants to provide excellent education. For this, it is important to have excellent teachers that are facilitated by a well organized research School. Course coordinators can contact the SENSE Education Desk of the Director of Education, dr Carolien Kroeze, any time for information or questions.

General Instructions for Course Coordinators

The guide for SENSE Course coordinators can be downloaded here. This guide provides details on how to organize a course for the Research School SENSE, what you can expect from the Research School and whom you can contact in case you might have further questions.

SENSE Course Evaluation Form

SENSE Courses are to be evaluated, preferably using the SENSE evaluation form that can be downloaded from this page. Course coordinators are free to add or delete questions according to their wishes.

SENSE Flyer and Poster

The SENSE format for flyers and posters for courses can be downloaded later from this website. Course coordinators can complete them, and distribute them within and outside SENSE. The SENSE Education desk can assist in this, if needed.

Funding of Courses

SENSE offers funding to stimulate international excellent courses. You can read about the funding possibilities here.

Online Course Overview

Information on all SENSE courses is available on the SENSE website. Course coordinators can update this information, following the instructions in the guide for course coordinators (see above). Courses can be found via

Individual courses are accessed via eg

The guide for course coordinators explains how you can receive a code for your course.

You, as the course coordinator, can edit your own courses. Please make sure you have an account at this website (login, or request an account) and contact the webmaster

Course Participants

Students enroll for courses through the SENSE website. The online course management will send you emails when a student enrolls into your course. Course coordinators can access the list of participants via the link on your course page "participants".

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