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General Skills Courses at Dutch Universities

Skills courses at Wageningen University

These courses are organised mostly by Wageningen Graduate Schools (WGS) and are open for participation to all SENSE PhD students. Courses that are currently available:

Scientific writing

The art of writing

Ethics and the public role for life scientists

Philosophy and ethics of food science and technology

Project and time management

Information literacy, including an introduction to Endnote

Scientific publishing: introductory workshop for PhD students

Writing grant proposals

Effective behaviour in your professional surroundings

PhD competence assessment

Science, the press and the general public: comunication and interaction

Interpersonal communication for PhD students

PhD presentation skills

Techniques for writing and presenting a scientific paper

Mobilizing your - scientific - network

Career orientation

Career assessment

Career perspectives 

September 2011 Courses (Library, EndNote, Google, Citation Analyses, etc) organised by Wageningen Graduate School


Skills courses at Leiden University

These courses are available to members of Leiden University and very limited to participants of some organisations (KNAW, Erasmus University and LUMC).

General skills courses for PhD candidates:

- Research skills:

- Personal effectiveness and communication:

- Career counceling:

Courses Academic Language Centre

Didactics for PhD candicates


Skills courses at Radboud University Nijmegen

Unfortunately, these courses are only available to PhD students who have a promotor that is affiliated to the Radboud University.

Morele aspecten van wetenschap

Academic writing

Advanced conversation

Presentation skills

Schrijven van wetenschappelijke teksten


Management voor promovendi

Ontwerp en uitvoering van een promotieproject

Presenteren van eigen onderzoek

Didactiek in de praktijk

Basiskwalificatie onderwijs (BKO) 


Skills courses at Utrecht University

In Utrecht PhD courses are organised by two institutes: the IVLOS and the James Boswell Institute.

The courses of the IVLOS can be found at (only in Dutch).

The courses of the James Boswell Institute are:

Writing in English for publication level B2/C1

Teaching in English

Effectief beïnvloeden

Interculturele communicatie

Workshop interviewen


Schrijven voor promovendi

Nederlandse spelling en grammatica

Unfortunately at the moment these courses are only accessible for PhD students from Utrecht University.


Skills courses at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

These courses are available to all SENSE PhD students.

Writing a scientific article

Presenteren in het Engels

Schriftelijk rapporteren over onderzoek

Publiek optreden

Presentation skills

Scientific writing


Skills courses at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

These courses are all organised by the CIT and are available to all SENSE PhD Students.

Access basic

Access advanced

Programming Access

Excel basic

Excel advanced

Programming Excel


Word basic

Publishing using Word

Programming Word

Introductie programmeren


Reference manager


SPSS Advanced

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