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Core 1: Environmental contaminants and nutrients

Core Chair: Prof. J. de Boer

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Mission and aims

The strategic aim of the Core 1 research programme is to study the exposure and effects of micropollutants in the environment, as well as their removal or remediation in soil and (waste)water. Core 1 covers research varying from ecology and toxicology to analytical chemistry and environmental technology. Exposure and effect research form the basis of the risk assessment of micropollutants. Exposure studies encompass the occurrence, behaviour, fate and bioavailability of micropollutants in terrestrial and aquatic systems. Studies on the effects of micropollutants assess the biological responses to toxicant stress at the molecular (ecological genomics), organism and population level (ecotoxicology, biodiversity). The development of new analytical or biological-based methods to measure exposure and effects of micropollutants is an important goal of exposure and effect studies. Integrative models are also developed by Core 1 researchers to predict micropollutant behaviour in complex environmental settings. Environmental technology research in Core 1 aims to develop sustainable solutions for the removal of micropollutants from (waste) water and soil, and for the restoration of renewable cycles of matter and energy.

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