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Contact Information SENSE Research School

Specific information about SENSE administration and management
may be obtained in the following ways:

! PhD Training and Education

Monique Gulickx (Education coordinator, Education Desk)
phone 0317 - 4 85090
phddesk[at] and monique.gulickx[at]

! Communication and Website

Marjolijn Dannenburg
phone 0317 - 4 82525
Fokke de Jong
phone 0317 - 4 81434
Please, use our feedback (or 'ticket') system
to ask any questions or requests relating to features of the SENSE website by going to
We will then respond to your message as soon as possible.
An efficient way to use our feedback system is to:

  • First go to the actual web page of the SENSE website to which your request or question is referring,
  • Next click on the tab 'Support' which you always find at the bottom of your website screen,
  • This brings you to a feedback (or 'ticket') form through which you can write and submit your feedback message,
  • To which message we will then respond asap (following this procedure will automatically notify us of the exact web url to which your feedback message refers, which is very helpful in the process of giving you adequate response).

Besides this, you may find an answer to your query in our list of Frequently Asked Questions, at:

! Management

Johan Feenstra (SENSE Coordinator)
phone 0317 - 4 84836

Dr. Ad van Dommelen (Managing Director and Director of Education)
phone 020 - 598 9532
telefax 020 - 598 9553

A general overview of the SENSE management structure
may be found at:

A general overview of Dutch universities and their websites
may be found at: the VSNU website

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