Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

MaĆ­ra Nunes Teixeira Mucci

Date: 18 April 2019
Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Location: Aula, building 362, Gen. Foulkesweg 1, Wageningen

Dissertation title: 

From green to transparent waters. Managing eutrophication and cyanobacterial blooms by geo-engineering

Group: Wageningen University, Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management
Promotor: M.F.L.L.W. Lürling
Co-promotor: E.J. Faassen, dr. Manzi


We studied potential geo-engineering materials and in-site techniques to manage eutrophication and cyanobacterial blooms in controlled experiments and a whole-ecosystem intervention. In chapters 2 and 3, natural and modified clays/soils were test in their capacity to adsorb phosphorus. We showed that four materials were able to adsorb phosphorus and that their efficiency differed under varying abiotic conditions. In chapters 4 and 5, we tested the effect of an organic coagulant (i.e. chitosan) used in lake restoration on several cyanobacterial and showed that chitosan may cause cell lysis. In chapter 6, we showed field results from a whole-lake treatment with a flocculant and a lanthanum-modified-bentonite, which resulted in improving water quality in the lake. In chapter 7 I reflected that there is no single magical solution to manage eutrophication and that a mitigation plan must include a system analysis and experimental tests before a field application can be performed.