Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Events archive

COVID-19 virus information Due to the COVID-19 virus several events have been canceled or postponed. Please check the sources for updated information.
Boussinesq Lecture: Droughts POSTPONED 22 October 2020, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
EUSBSR forum: Our Region, Our Future 19-20 October 2020, Turku, Finland
Webinar Strengthening African stakeholders to face climate change impacts: The AfriAlliance approach 7 October 2020, online
13th International Scientific Conference on Energy and Climate Change 7-9 October 2020, Athens, Greece
14th IHE PhD Symposium: Collaboration for Sustainability: Inter- and trans-disciplinary research to solve water-related issues 7-8 October 2018, Online
BCF Career Event Netherlands 2020 29-30 September 2020, online & Utrecht
Online cross-regional workshop on ‘(En)Gendering Transboundary Water Governance: Feminist Perspectives on Water Conflict and Cooperation’ 29-30 September 2020, online
Symposium: machine learning in meteorology and climate 25 September 2020, Online
Spingtijforum: De kracht van onze stem - Zet de toon voor een duurzaam Nederland 24-26 September 2020, Terschelling
Bratislava Conference on Earth System Governance (POSTPONED) 15-17 September 2020, Bratislava, the Slovak Republic
2020 Virtual Forum of Earth System Governance 14-18 September 2020, online
Online panel discussion: Facing the climate emergency: transforming research collectively 31 August 2020, online
4th European Conference on Flood Risk Management: Science and practice for an uncertain future (POSTPONED) 31 August-4 September 2020, Budapest, Hungary
Conference Eurosoil 2020 (POSTPONED) 24-28 August 2020, Switzerland
River Flow 2020, the 10th International Conference on Fluvial Hydraulics (CANCELLED) 7-10 July 2020, Delft
Nature-based Solutions in a Changing Climate 7-9 July 2020, Online
3rd World Symposium on Climate Change Communication CANCELLED 6-7 July 2020, Warsaw, Poland
Water Innovation Europe 22-26 June 2020, online
International SDG Research Symposium 10-11 June 2020, Online
Conference Environmental Technology for Impact 3-5 June 2020, Online
Pyrolife symposium: Towards an Integrated Fire Management 3 June - 22 July 2020, Online
EU Green Week (POSTPONED) 1-5 June 2020, Europe
6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity for the Water Sector 27-29 May 2020, online
European Urban Resilience Forum 26-27 May 2020, Online
General assembly of the European Geosciences Union (EGU) 3-8 May 2020, online
7th Climate Change Online Conference CLIMATE2020 23-30 March 2020, Online
Seminar: Developing Earth System Law to address the socio-ecological crisis of the Anthropocene 19 March 2020, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Urban Resilience in a context of Climate Change Conference 9-10 March 2020, Barcelona, Spain.
Pathways to Sustainability Conference: Accelerating the Transformation 5 March 2020, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Delta Design in Times of Climate Crisis - International Conference 5-6 March 2020, Delft, The Netherlands
Storyworlds of Decarbonization in Models and Fiction seminar 4 March 2020, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Climate Representations discussion evening 3 March 2020, Utrecht, The Netherlands
World Biodiversity Forum 23-28 February 2020, Switzerland
Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting 11-12 February 2020, Lunteren
6th International Conference on Climate Services (ICCS6) 11-13 February 2020, Pune, India
Synergy: changing societies 6 February 2020, Hilversum
International scientific conference on genetics for sustainable forest management 27-31 January 2020, Avignon, France
Arctic Frontiers: The Power of Knowledge 26-30 January 2020, Tromsø, Norway
Landscape Hunting with SENSE community 14 December 2019, Limburg
Symposium Towards the Wellbeing Economy 12 December 2019, Leiden
BES Symposium 2019: Celebrating Global Ecology 10-13 December 2019, Northern Ireland
Symposium Nederland Verbrakt 3 December, Leeuwarden
Great Climate Solutions Congress 3 December 2019, Den Bosch
Europe That Protects: Safeguarding Our Planet, Safeguarding Our Health 3-4 December 2019, Helsinki, Finland
12th annual Pole Symposium: Poles under Pressure 21 November 2019, The Hague
SETAC Europe 14th Special Science Symposium: "Soil Biodiversity: What do we know and how to protect it from adverse effects of plant protection products and other chemicals?" 19-20 November 2019, Belgium
Symposium: Adapting forests to climate change 19-20 November 2019, Toulouse, France
Conference: Making Climate Services a reality in Europe 13-14 November 2019, Brussels, Belgium
NWO Talent Scheme Information Meeting (Veni, Vidi, Vici) 8 November 2019, The Hague