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Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Amsterdam International Water Week 2019: "Implementation of Integrated Solutions by cities, industries, utilities and financiers: from cases to bankable projects"

Date: 04 November 2019 - 08 November 2019
Location: Amsterdam

The global water initiative continues

The Amsterdam International Water Week (AIWW) is a global movement committed to a future in which a circular and sustainable water environment is achieved. The world needs leadership and action to scale up integrated solutions to deliver a better water future for all. The AIWW 2019 responds to this need, providing a platform to help secure global progress on water issues by connecting industry, science, business, finance, policy and technology.

We are therefore looking forward to 4-8 November 2019. This is when the city of Amsterdam will host the next edition of AIWW, our fifth anniversary. Add those dates to your diary now to make sure you do not miss out on participating in the next stage of this groundbreaking global water initiative.

A platform for participation

No single solution will achieve the circular and resilient goal. No one group holds all the answers. AIWW aims to be a platform to bring together the many voices who can play a part in securing progress. The AIWW gathers water leaders from cities, industries and utilities from all over the world. It allows the owners of real-world cases to connect with suppliers of innovative solutions. By bringing together the right community and translating discussions into action, we can achieve real breakthroughs.

Setting the global agenda

In the run-up to AIWW 2019, the AIWW Community is forging the global agenda on water issues. We will share results of AIWW 2017 with the wider water community and with other events over the coming months. The aim is to gather reaction, facilitate discussions and receive input to shape the AIWW 2019 position paper.

Opportunities to meet AIWW representatives ovr the coming months include Singapore International Water Week, Stockholm World Water Week, and the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo. In addition to that we will organise an important new event in November 2018 called the AIWW Summit.

Share your thoughts and insights and join AIWW on the journey to a circular and resilient water future!

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