Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Events archive

Annual Conference of Pathways to Sustainability 24 January 2019, Utrecht
Foresight workshop: facing the future of Europe’s climate – EU governance and climate risks at a crossroads 11-12 December 2018, Brussels
Symposium Integrale veerkracht: van bodemgezondheid naar gezondheid van plant, dier en mens 7 December 2018, Utrecht
ACES 2018 Conference: Natural resources benefitting people 3-7 December 2018, USA
Yearly symposium of the Nederlands Centrum voor Geodesie en Geo-informatica (NCG) 29 November 2018, Wageningen
Entrepreneurial universities, entrepreneurial leadership 27-30 November 2018, Amsterdam
Symposium Dier of ding? - Ethische dilemma's in het natuurbeheer 24 November 2018, Utrecht
Inaugural Lecture Martina Vijver (LU-CLM): Environmental chemistry and toxicology 16 November 2018, Leiden
PNS 4 Symposium: Post-normal science as a movement: between informed critical resistance, reform and the making of futures 15-17 November 2018, Spain
Amsterdam International Water Week 2018: Adressing water 3.0 - from vision to action 15 November 2018, Amsterdam
Current Themes in Ecology 2018: "Biodiversity: Bending the Curve" 15 November 2018, Lunteren
Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium IAMC 13-15 November 2018, Spain
Career event PhD candidates at Boston Consulting Group Amsterdam: "BCG for PhD's" 8 November 2018, Amsterdam
NCK theme afternoon Offshore Activities and Seabed Evolution 6 November 2018, Utrecht
2018 Utrecht Conference on Earth System Governance: Governing Global Sustainability in a Complex World - Key Research Insights & New Research Directions 5-8 November 2018, Utrecht
Conference International Soil Modeling Consortium (ISMC) - New perspectives on soil models 5-7 November 2018, Wageningen
NCK symposium Hydro-morphodynamic research in the Western Scheldt estuary 29 October 2018, Delft
ESP regional conference Latin America 2018: Global changes, ecosystem services and multilateral agreement in Latin America and the Caribbean 22-26 October 2018, Brasil
sfécologie 2018, International Conference on Ecological Sciences 22-25 October 2018, France
Littoral 2018 conference 22-26 October 2018, Leeuwarden
Symposium "Earth Futures" 19 October 2018, Wageningen
VVM Café Op weg naar een klimaatadaptieve stad, hoe doe je dat en welke rol speelt de bodem daarbij? 17 October 2018, Utrecht
International Conference Water science for impact 16-18 October 2018, Wageningen
Workshop Remote sensing and forest resource monitoring 15 October 2018, Wageningen
ESP regional conference Europe 2018: Ecosystem services in a changing world: moving from theory to practice 15-19 October 2018, Spain
Cairo Water Week 14-18 October 2018, Egypt
Debatavond Klimaatpsychologie: Waarom is het moeilijk om ons consequent duurzaam te gedragen? 11 October 2018, VVM Utrecht
Festival Duurzame 100: Uitreiking van de tiende Duurzame 100 tijdens de Dag van de Duurzaamheid 10 October 2018, Amsterdam
ESP regional conference Asia 2018: Communicating and engaging ecosystem services in policy and practice in Asia 9-12 October 2018, India
Seminar Forecast-based Financing: Debating the research agenda for early warning early action 8 October 2018, Amsterdam
Climate Planet Utrecht: contribute to local sustainability policy 8 October 2018, Utrecht
Conference Empowering Hydro-diplomacy 5-6 October 2018, The Hague
Remote Sensing in Ecology workshop 4 October 2018, Leiden
IHE PhD symposium Nature for Water: Overcoming water challenges with sustainable solutions 1-2 October 2018, Delft
Springtij Forum 2018: In search of a new balance 27-29 September 2018, Terschelling
De snelste weg naar Parijs: klimaattafels of 'hard ingrijpen'? 24 September 2018, VVM Utrecht
European Water Tech Week 2018: Connecting Global Water Tech Hubs 24-27 September 2018, Leeuwarden
VVM Café "Onderwatergeluid de maat genomen" 19 September 2018, VVM Utrecht
6th International Conference on Sustainable Development 2018: Creating a unied foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education 12-13 September 2018, Italy
Seminar Rune Graversen "On the linkage between atmospheric circulation and Arctic sea-ice melt" 5 September 2018, Wageningen
From water to waste to product - The next step of water recycling: how to upcycle waste-water into useable material? 4 September 2018, Amsterdam
Symposium Drought, plant hydraulic traits and vegetation modeling 4 September 2018, Wageningen
ECSA 57: Changing estuaries, coasts and shelf systems - Diverse threats and opportunities 3-6 September 2018, Australia
UArctic Congress 3-7 September 2018, Finland
Copernicus Climate Change Service - User Learning Services: Train the trainer course 2018-2019 in different European cities
Reducing Stress at Work/Improving Mental Health: SENSE PhD workshop at IVM/VU 30 August 2018, IVM-VU Amsterdam
SDG-Conference 'Towards Zero Hunger: Partnerships for Impact' 30-31 August 2018, Wageningen
World Water Week 2018: Water, ecosystems and human development 26-31 August 2018, Stockholm, Sweden
6th Annual International Conference on Ecology, Ecosystems and Climate Change 16-19 July 2018, Greece
Mud dynamics in the Southern North Sea and its interaction with ecological processes 3 July 2018, Rotterdam