Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Events archive

Symposium One Health for the Real World: zoonoses, ecosystems and wellbeing 17-18 March 2016, London
Seminar Safe Operating Space (SOS): From theory to application in water management (in Dutch) 17 March 2016, Wageningen
New Amsterdam Academy: Let's keep our heads above water (with Rik Leemans) 16 March 2016, Pakhuis De Zwijger, Amsterdam
Kapitaal en water. Van mare liberum naar mare restrictum - VVM Café 16 March 2016, VVM, Utrecht
Energy Lecture: “Making business of sustainable thinking” by Tom Bosschaert 10 March 2016, Groningen
Workshop Up-scaling of Bioelectrochemical Systems towards application 10-11 March 2016, Leeuwarden
IVM Colloquium: Deforestation in Latin America: the role of institutional and socio-economic factors 7 March 2016, Amsterdam
EURO-AGRIWAT conference Water Footprint of agricultural products: progress, challenges and solutions 7-9 March 2016, Wageningen
Dutch ARboviral Network (DARN) Workshop 2016 4 March 2016, Wageningen
New Currents in Science: The Challenges of Quality 3-4 March 2016, Italy
Food for tomorrow: Changes from above 1 March 2016, Utrecht
Farewell address prof.dr. H.C. (Henk) Moll, IVEM Groningen 29 February 2016, Groningen
Inaugural Lecture Arnold Tukker (LU, Industrial ecology): In kringetjes vooruit. De circulaire economie als recept voor duurzaamheid 26 February 2016, Leiden
Annual meeting of the Microbial Ecology division of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Vereniging voor Microbiologie (KNVM) 26 February 2016, Amsterdam
Inaugural Lecture Philipp Pattberg (VU): Environmental governance in the anthropocene: Complexity, fragmentation and the role of transnational institutions 19 February 2016, Amsterdam
Inaugural lecture Dr. Alexey Voinov as Professor of Spatio-Temporal Systems Modeling for Sustainability Science at the Faculty of ITC Twente 18 February 2016, Enschede
Mini-symposium Systems and sustainability in time and space 18 February 2016, Enschede
Austrian Climate Change Workshop: Beyond Paris - Driving Solutions for the Next Decade 18-19 February 2016, Austria
Session "Spatial ecology: connectivity and functioning" as part of the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM) 2016 10 February 2016, Lunteren
Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting 2016 9-10 February 2016, Lunteren
Symposium Evolution and maintenance of (belowground) cooperation 4 February 2016, Amsterdam
Energy Lecture by Marjan Minnesma 3 February 2016, Groningen
SENSE Winter Sport PhD event: Ice skating 31 January 2016, Utrecht. CANCELLED
Lezing: tussen wetenschap en samenleving 21 January 2016, Leiden
Workshop Accountability on global environmental governance 18-19 December 2015, Australia
2015 Canberra Conference on Earth System Governance - Democracy & Resilience in the Anthropocene 14-16 December 2015, Australia
10ᶾ experiences – striving for global impact on water challenges - Mini symposium and valedictory address prof. Stefan Uhlenbrook 11 December 2015, Delft
Climate event WIMEK: Movie Chasing Ice and discussion 10 December 2015, Wageningen
Afscheidssymposium Pier Vellinga: Meer Zee of meer Zon 10 December 2015, Wageningen
Climate event WIMEK: Climate Negotiation Game 10 December 2015, Wageningen
KNAW-symposium Zeespiegelstijging 8 December 2015, Amsterdam
CAS Symposium: 'Strategies for our changing and complex world: concepts, methods and applications' 8 December 2015, Wageningen
CleanSea Project presents: Marine Litter Symposium and Film Premiere 3 December 2015, Amsterdam
CoCooN Conference 'Natural resource conflicts: sense and sensitivity' 27 November 2015, The Hague
ESPA 2015 Annual Science Conference: The science of sustainability for people and planet 25-26 November 2015, London, UK
Energy Convention 2015 24 November 2015, Groningen
Symposium: Climate Stories 20 November 2015, Utrecht
NVBM Najaarssymposium 2015: Space Weather 20 November 2015, Wageningen
Current Themes in Ecology: "Microbial Power - Impact of Microbial Communities: From Gut to Globe" 19 November 2015, Lunteren
BioGeoCivil Summit 2015 18-19 November 2015, Art Centre Delft
International Conference on Geospatial Technologies for Sustainable Urban and Rural Development 18-20 November 2015, Rwanda
The Environmental Risk Conference 16-17 November 2015, Denmark
Seminar Managing the climate–water–forest nexus for sustainable development: Are we on the right track? 12 November 2015, Wageningen
Systems Analysis Conference 11-13 November 2015, USA
Seminar Sustainable use of the subsurface for low carbon energy systems 10 November 2015, Utrecht
National PhD day 2015 10 November 2015, Delft
ESP conference 2015: Ecosystem Services for Nature, People and Prosperity 9-13 November 2015, South Africa
Symposium Klimaatcommunicatie: De publieke atmosfeer 6 November 2015, Amsterdam
MilieuChemTox symposium: Pharmaceuticals in the environment - prescription to science and policy 6 November 2015, Bilthoven
ConXion - An event to connect with other PhDs 4 November 2015, Enschede