Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment


EEA story maps on projected climate change impacts The maps present a story about how Europe might be affected by key climate hazards such as droughts, floods, forest fires and sea level rise during the 21st century and beyond. These maps are based on different greenhouse gas emissions scenarios and climate models published by the European Environment Agency.
EEA, Monday 10 February 2020
Co-designing climate information services in Bangladesh SENSE PhD student Uthpal Kumar is co-developing climate information services with smallholder farmers in Bangladesh for the WaterApps project. In this video, Ela Ganguli tells us about her experience with climate information services.
Wageningen University, Tuesday 4 February 2020
North Atlantic Current may cease temporarily in the next century The North Atlantic Current transports warm water from the Gulf of Mexico towards Europe, providing much of north-western Europe with a relatively mild climate. However, scientists suspect that meltwater from Greenland and excessive rainfall could interfere with this ocean current. Simulations showed that there is a 15 percent likelihood that there will be a temporary change in the current in the next 100 years.
University of Groningen, Monday 30 December 2019
How to tackle climate challenges in cities? Heavier rainfall and storms, higher temperatures, rising sea levels, and other climate change consequences present challenges to Amsterdam’s urban environment. What measures can we take to guarantee the quality of life in cities?
Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Tuesday 17 December 2019
Art performance Marten Scheffer (WUR) inspired by Trajectories of the Earth System in the Anthropocene Artist Tone Bjordam and scientist and musician Marten Scheffer performing live on stage on May 28th, 2019. The performance was the opening act at ECCA, European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2019 at CCB in Lisbon, Portugal, in front of 1200 people in the audience.
Monday 8 July 2019