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Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

SENSE PhD researcher Akshay Patel starts company SustAnalyze to help solving sustainability issues

Already before his PhD graduation Akshay Patel took part in the ScienceInc programme, to bring his scientific finding to the market. On 30 June he held his final presentation about his new company SustAnalyze, an online tool to analyse chemical processes.

Akshay in actionThe ScienceInc programme helps scientists from Utrecht University to determine the market potential of their finding. The participants learn to think from the stance of the customer or user, and thus enlarge their chance to give their science real impact.
ScienceInc is a programme of UtrechtInc, the business incubator for (tech) startups.

The programme offers monthly sessions with training in entrepreneurship, such as pitching and attracting investors. They get access to a professional community of mentors, investors and entrepreneurs.

On 30 June the six participants presented their development to the public and investors.

Akshay Patel ScienceInc

 Logo SustAnalyze 

SustAnalyze provides data-driven software tools and services to facilitate development of sustainable chemical processes.

SustAnalyze offers:

  • Scientific Methodology: Well researched and proven scientific methodology to evaluate chemical process sustainability at an early stage in process development
  • Simplified Decision making: Speed-up stage gate analysis and enable R&D scientists to focus on their core strengths by quickly evaluating a wider range of process alternatives
  • Data-driven Sustainability reports: Use data driven mathematical modelling using state of the art algorithms to generate easy to understand and insightful sustainability reports
  • Measure Sustainability: Know how sustainable your chemical processes are based on economic, life cycle environment, health and safety aspects 

About Akshay Patel

Akshay Patel completed his undergrad from University Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, India, where he worked on two internships and development of a lubricant base oil from biomass. Later on he finished his MS from Iowa State University in Ames, US, where he did his thesis on techno-economic analysis of biobased conversion processes. He is now wrapping up his PhD at Utrecht University, in the Energy & Resources group of the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development. In his PhD he has carried out research on early-stage and comprehensive sustainability assessments of innovative chemical processes for production of renewable chemicals and fuels.

Akshay Patel will defend his PhD thesis Towards Sustainable Fuels & Chemicals: Integrating sustainability assessment in the development of biobased production processes at early stage on 29 August in Utrecht.

Wednesday 2 July 2014