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Preparations for UNESCO-IHE Global Campus for Water & Development

The UNESCO-IHE Governing Board approved the plans to start preparation activities for the UNESCO-IHE Global Campus for Water & Development. The decision was made unanimously at the Board’s annual meeting held on 22 November.


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Presentations on the WIMEK Symposium 2012: "Tackling the main Environmental Issues for the 21st Century: the need to improve inter- and transdisciplinary research approaches"

On 8 November 2012 SENSE partner WIMEK organised a well-attended symposium on pathways to and experiences with inter- and transdisciplinary research. The abstracts of the presentations and the powerpoints presented on the symposium are now available on the WIMEK website:


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Upcoming PhD Graduations

PhD Graduations December 2012

Kim Oanh Le Thi
SURMAT: decision support tool to select municipal solid waste treatment technologies. Case study in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
3 December 2012, 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

Leah Ombis
Managing Plastic Waste in Urban Kenya: Niche Innovations in Production and Recycling
11 December 2012, 13.30 hrs, Wageningen

Jaime de Freitas
Development and Validation of in vitro Bioassays for Thyroid Hormone Receptor Mediated Endocrine Disruption
17 December 2012, 13.30 hrs, Wageningen

Bram van Kesteren
Measuring water-vapour and carbon-dioxide Fluxes at Field scales with Scintillometry
17 December 2012, 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

Marco de Graaff
Biological treatment of sulfidic spent caustics under haloalkine conditions using soda lake bacteria
18 December 2012, 11.00 hrs, Wageningen

Henrique Anselmo
Effects of marine persistent organic pollutants on early life development and metamorphosis of echinoids
18 December 2012, 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

C.T. Kim
Malaysian Water Sector Reform. Policy and Performance
19 December 2012, 13.30 hrs, Wageningen

Michelle van Vliet
Global Rivers Warming Up: Impacts on Cooling Water Use in the Energy Sector and Freshwater Ecosystems
19 December 2012, 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

Marino Marinkovic
Gene expression in toxicant-exposed chironomids
21 December 2012, 14.00 hrs, Amsterdam

Don't forget to announce your own graduation at Or send an email to marjolijn.dannenburg(at)

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Upcoming PhD Courses

SENSE Courses

S010B Basic Statistics (1.5 ECTS)
12-20 December 2012; Course Lecturer: Dr. Evert-Jan Bakker (WU)

S231E New frontiers in microbial ecology (2.0 ECTS)
10-15 February 2013; Course Coordinators: Prof.Dr. J.D. van Elsas (RuG), Prof.Dr. H. van Veen (NIOO, Wageningen), Dr. G.A. Kowalchuk (UU); registration deadline: 11 Jan 2013

A1 Environmental Research in Context (2.0 ECTS)
20-22 March 2013; Course Coordinator: Ad van Dommelen, Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam; registration deadline: 20 Dec 2012

S358E Complex Dynamics in Human-Environment Systems (2.0 ECTS)
15-19 April 2013; Course Coordinators: Prof. Carolien Kroeze (WUR and OU), Serge Stalpers (SENSE), Aritta Suwarno (WUR); registration deadline: 4 Jan 2013

S221 Dynamic Energy Budgets (8.0 ECTS)
15-26 April 2013; Course coordinator: Bas Kooijman (VU); registration deadline: 1 Jan 2013 

S101E Speciation and Bioavailability (2.0 ECTS)
3-7 June 2013; Course Coordinator: Professor Raewyn M. Town

Skills Courses
An updated overview of all skills courses at SENSE universities and institutes is available now at  

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Online courses

N44311: Environmental Problems: Crossing Boundaries between Science, Policy and Society (4.3 ECTS)
e-Learning, Open University
Link to the course (Word file)

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External Courses

The following is a selection of interesting external courses.

Southern African Young Scientists Summer Programme
Date: 1 December 2012 - 28 February 2013, Location: South Africa

Course: Climate change adaptation in agriculture and natural resource management
Date: 28 February - 1 March 2013, Location: Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen

Summer Program in Austria for Ph.D. candidates
Date: June, July, August 2013, Location: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – IIASA, Vienna, Austria; applications: Oct-Dec 2012

Find PhD Courses, Winter and Summer Schools in Europe at

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SENSE Events

AGCI Minisymposium Perinatal Chemical exposure in Obesity and Diabetes, 6 Dec 2012

Date: December 6, 2012
Location: VU-IVM, De Boelelaan 1085, Amsterdam, room C-541
Duration: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Juliette Legler (toxicologist, The Netherlands) presents background and results of Obelix project research on prenatal exposure to endocrine disrupting compounds and effects on the development of obesity and diabetes later in life. Invited speakers are Rebecca Simmons (neonalogist,USA) presenting 'the epigenetic landscape of the beta-cell in health and disease' and Arjen Verboom (pediatrician, The Netherlands) presenting 'Childhood obesity in practice'.


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AGCI Seminar The past as key to the future?, 12 Dec 2012

Date: December 12, 2012
Location: Room C 541, W&N building, Amsterdam
Duration: 9:00 AM to 11:45 AM


Land systems are shaped by interactions between many different biophysical and socio-economic forces that act at various scale levels and that continuously change over time at their own pace. This NWO-funded seminar explores the applicability of historic analysis for land system analysis. Following the seminar Kees Klein Goldewijk will defend his PhD on ‘(Looking) Back to the Future: A reconstruction of historic land use and its application for global change research’.


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SENSE Research Cluster XIII meeting: Concepts and tools for spatial data visualization, 13 Dec 2012

Date: December 13, 2012
Location: Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), VU University, Amsterdam
Duration: 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Within many publications and presentations SENSE PhD students present their data using different techniques, most commonly maps and charts. But what are actually the best ways to communicate your findings? Which visualization technique fits your data best? Which techniques are most appropriate to present your results effectively to various audiences? And which tools and software are available?


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SENSE Symposium: Ecosystems Under Stress, 14 Dec 2012

Date: December 14, 2012
Location: Wageningen University, Atlas building, Room 1 and 2
Duration: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

The rapid increase in human population and strong industrial growth experienced in the last century affect ecosystems on a global scale. Direct impacts of expanding anthropogenic activities such as agriculture or industry include forest destruction and habitat fragmentation, water resource depletion, and chemical pollution, which caus¬es severe disturbances of the structure and functioning of aquatic and terrestrial eco¬systems.


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Upcoming events

Overview of upcoming events

29 Nove 2012  Minisymposium Schade door wateroverlast, Delft > Read more...

30 Nov 2012  Second IMARES PhD Day "Between production and conservation", Texel > Read more...

30 Nov 2012  Lunch Presentation Business and Sustainability: Environmental Profit & Loss and True Prices, The Hague > Read more...

4 Dec 2012  1st International Student Conference "The Power of Local Knowledge in Increasing Food Business Competitiveness", Indonesia > Read more...

14 Dec 2012  Symposium Ecosystems under stress: Assessing the impact of chemical and physical disturbances on ecological processes and ecosystem structure, Wageningen > Read more...

17 Dec 2012  Seminar: ‘Local rural struggles amidst global environmental discourses in the South’, Wageningen > Read more...

17-18 Dec 2012  Congres Climate change and changes in spatial structures in Flanders, Gent - Belgium > Read more...

18 Dec 2012  Discussiebijeenkomst Kennis over publiceren KNAW, Amsterdam > Read more...

11 Jan 2013  NIOO-KNAW Symposium Understanding wetland dynamics: the value of long-term datasets, Wageningen > Read more...

28-31 Jan 2013  CfP - Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference, Tokyo, Japan > Read more...

11-13 Feb 2013  YES Meeting Interdisciplinary discourse on current environmental challenges, Krakow, Poland > Read more...

25-26 Feb 2013  International Conference: Two Hundred Years of Urban Meteorology, Florence, Italy > Read more...

16-20 Mar 2013  TWAM 2013: International Conference & Workshops: Transboundary water management across borders and interfaces; present and future challenges, Aveiro, Portugal > Read more...

18-20 Mar 2013  European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2013: Integrating Climate into Action, Hamburg, Germany > Read more...

7-10 Apr 2013  Symposium Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials, Wageningen > Read more...

16-19 Apr 2013  12th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Groundwater-Soil-Systems and Water Resource Management, Barcelona, Spain > Read more...

22-25 Apr 2013  2nd Sustainable Watershed Management Conference - CALL FOR PAPERS, Turkey > Read more...

24-26 Apr 2013  3rd International Conference on Water Economics, Statistics and Finance, Marbella, Spain > Read more...

24-26 Apr 2013  Conference on Asset management for enhancing energy efficiency in water and wastewater systems, Marbella, Spain > Read more...

2-4 May 2013  International scientific conference "Landscape and Imagination. Towards a new baseline for education in a changing world", Paris, France > Read more...

17-18 May 2013  International Workshop: The rush of China and India to Africa: State versus market driven development cooperation strategies, The Hague (deadline call for papers: 30 November 2012) > Read more...

21-24 May 2012  International Conference: Water in the Anthropocene - Challenges for Science and Governance. Indicators, Thresholds and Uncertainties of the Global Water System, Bonn, Germany > Read more...

29-31 May 2013  Symposium: Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's taking the lead?, Delft (deadline abstract submission: 15 Dec 2012) > Read more...

29-31 May 2013  International Conference: Cooperation or Conflict? Economics of natural resources and food, Wageningen (deadline for abstract submission: 1 Dec 2012) > Read more...

3 June 2013  21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark > Read more...

17-18 June 2013  Conference on Desertification and Land Degradation, Ghent, Belgium (deadline for abstract submission: 1 Feb 2013) > Read more...

25-28 June 2013  2nd International Conference Energy & Meteorology - Water & Climate for the Energy Industry - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS, Toulouse, France (deadline for abstract submission: 20 Dec 2012) > Read more...

1-3 July 2013  Fourth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, Groningen > Read more...

28-30 Dec 2013  12th International Asian Urbanization Conference: "Urban Dynamics, Environment and Health: Challenges for the Twenty First Century", Varanasi, India (deadline abstract submission: 30 April 2013) > Read more...

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Calls, funding, grants

IIASA’s Young Scientists Summer Program

IIASA’s annual 3-month Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) offers research opportunities to talented young researchers whose interests correspond with IIASA’s ongoing research on issues of global environmental, economic and social change. From June through August accepted participants work within the Institute’s Research Programs under the guidance of IIASA scientific staff.

"I participated in the programme in 2009 and can highly recommend it. Not only is IIASA a very inspiring place to work and has a large number of top-notch scholars in a wide range of areas - basically most of what IVM covers, except C&B - , also the programme itself is great. It allows you to continue along your own research line with a smaller summer project (which should become part of your PhD) under the supervision of one of IIASA's senior scientists and brings together around 50 PhD students from all around the world and from a host of different disciplines - not only horizon-broadening scientifically, but also a lot of fun socially. Last but not least, Vienna in summer is a wonderful place to be.
"Not unimportantly, the YSSP fellowship comes with a grant of around EUR 4500 from NWO, the Dutch research council - this makes for more than a little pocket money for your stay in Vienna or else allows you to take leave and save time from your IVM contract.
"Also good to know: while YSSP is immensely popular in the US and in developing countries and attracts huge numbers of applications from overseas, the programme continues to have problems to get enough applicants from the Netherlands, which usually funds three to four stipends per year. Therefore, the YSSP organising team urged me to do my best to advertise it here at IVM. This I hope I have done with this email... If you have more questions on YSSP, feel free to get in touch!
"Here's the link to the website:"
Constanze Haug (IVM, VU-Amsterdam)


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Apply now for Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG)

Call for proposals 2013 for Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG) was published on 18 October 2012. Career Integration Grants (CIG) support experienced researchers of any nationality, with at least 4 years’ full-time research experience or a doctoral degree. The grant is a flat-rate contribution towards research costs. These may, for example, include the salary costs of the researcher or other staff employed for the project, travel costs, consumables, patent costs and publication costs. The grant will cover a period of 2 to 4 years.


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General research vacancies page GHG Europe (Greenhoude gas management in European land use systems)

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1.5 year post-­‐doc position on modeling the impacts of tropical fires on carbon gases in the atmosphere, LSCE-Paris and VU-A Amsterdam

The Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement (LSCE) and the VU University of Amsterdam (VUA) are opening a 18-month research post-doc position to the impacts of tropical fires on carbon gases in the atmosphere, and use atmospheric measurements for improving fire emissions, funded by a French National Research Agency project called TROPFIRE.


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Full Professor in Industrial Ecology - Scientific Director, Leiden University - application deadline: 5 Jan 2013

The Faculty of Science Institute of Environmental Sciences The Faculty of Science of Leiden University invites applications for the position of a: Full Professor in Industrial Ecology - Scientific Director (38 hours per week) Vacancy number: 12-264


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10 Research Positions, FEEM, Italy - application deadline: 31 Dec 2012

FEEM, a leading research institute on sustainable development ( aims to recruiting motivated and talented researchers to cover ten open positions within the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Research Programme. The Programme carries out high level research in the following areas: climate change integrated assessment modelling, climate change policy and governance, climate-related innovation and technological change, natural hazards and extreme climate-related events, management of natural resources, sustainability and growth beyond GDP.


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