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A very happy and successful new year to all of you!
The SENSE Office is looking forward to a splendid new year full of new initiatives!

To enhance the added value of this e-News for you, we added a section we called Practicalities.
Every now and then we find useful information that may help you conducting your research more efficiently. This month we were triggered by a couple of items in the e-News of the Wageningen UR library we thought might be interesting to the SENSE community as a whole. In short, they may help you to avoid pitfalls and to enhance the exposure of your publications.
If you also find practical information that might be useful to your SENSE colleagues, please share them with us through our LinkedIn groups and/or by mailing the SENSE Office.

We also added a section Postdoc information, in which we will communicate interesting information of the Postdoc Career Development Initiative and other information especially relevant to postdocs.


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Special issue of the International Journal of Water: Shifts in Urban Water Governance

Most of the contributions in this special issue are the results of research undertaken in the framework of the SWITCH project. Water managers are confronted with many challenges, such as climate change and ecological degradation. This special issue aims to up-date our understanding of urban water governance. Water governance implies an integrated approach, necessary because of the interrelated nature and complexity of issues like drinking water availability, sanitation, surface water quality and flooding problems and the need to manage and coordinate the processes for identifying, sharing and solving these problems in a multidisciplinary way (including public administration and legal experts, anthropologists, economists and political scientists) and involving all stakeholders concerned. The shift in the dominant water governance paradigm will be analyzed, in particular the one from the often more hierarchical government initiated integrated urban water management (IUWM) paradigm to the adaptive eco water management paradigm advocated by the SWITCH project.


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Tweede IMARES PhD dag op Texel

Vrijdag 30 november 2012 is een interessante tweede IMARES PhD dag gehouden in het auditorium ban het NIOZ op Texel. Van de 42 deelnemers waren 24 PhD’s. Het programma van de goed georganiseerde dag bestond uit een keynote spreker, Niels Daan, enkele sprekers vanuit IMARES en 12 PhD oral presentations. Dit jaar was ook een postersessie georganiseerd. Na de lunch was er volop gelegenheid om de posters te bekijken en met elkaar van gedachten te wisselen. Aan het einde van de dag reikte Han Lindeboom de ‘beste oral presentation’ prijs uit aan Edward Schram en de ‘beste poster’ prijs aan Jacob Capelle. Deze dag gaf een goed inzicht in hoe divers het onderzoek bij IMARES is.


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ERC Advanced Grant for Fons Stams (Microbiology WU)

Fons Stams of the Laboratory of Microbiology received an ERC Advanced Grant to investigate anaerobic microorganisms at Wageningen University and at the University of Minho (Braga, Portugal) where is visiting scientist since 2010 for 3 months a year.


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Publication in Nature Communications: A critical transition in leaf evolution facilitated the Cretaceous angiosperm revolution

Charles Darwin dubbed the rapid rise of deciduous trees during the Cretaceous ‘an abominable mystery’. The phenomenon challenged his ideas about gradual evolution, and for years scientists have attempted to explain the apparent inconsistency. Environmental scientists at Utrecht University recently found a parsimonious explanation for the puzzling proliferation of deciduous species. The results are published in the journal Nature Communications.


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De Volkskrant gaat nieuw wetenschapsproject vanaf begin volgen, doet u mee?

De Volkskrant gaat proberen of het mogelijk is onderzoekshypes uit de krant te weren door een wetenschapsproject al vanaf het begin te volgen.
"Bent u een wetenschapper (uw vakgebied maakt niet uit), staat u op het punt een studie te doen en bent u geïnteresseerd? Stuur dan een korte pitch naar We maken een selectie, leggen uw plannen en analysemethode vooraf in detail vast, en beloven na afloop een artikel in de krant - ongeacht de uitkomst van uw onderzoek." > Lees meer...

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Upcoming PhD Graduations

PhD Graduations January 2013

Merel van der Ploeg
Unravelling hazards of nanoparticles to earthworms, from gene to population
30 January 2013, 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

Darya Kupryianchyk
Activated carbon in sediment remediation. Benefits, risks and perspectives
1 February 2013, 16.00 hrs, Wageningen

Don't forget to announce your own graduation at Or send an email to marjolijn.dannenburg(at)

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Upcoming PhD Courses

SENSE Courses

S231E New frontiers in microbial ecology (2.0 ECTS)
10-15 February 2013; Course Coordinators: Prof.Dr. J.D. van Elsas (RuG), Prof.Dr. H. van Veen (NIOO, Wageningen), Dr. G.A. Kowalchuk (UU); registration deadline: 11 Jan 2013

S150 Principles of Ecological Genomics (2.0 ECTS)
18-22 February 2013; Course Coordinators: Hauke Smidt (Wageningen University), Nico van Straalen (VU University Amsterdam)
Link to the course:

A1 Environmental Research in Context (2.0 ECTS)
20-22 March 2013; Course Coordinator: Ad van Dommelen, Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam

S358E Complex Dynamics in Human-Environment Systems (2.0 ECTS)
15-19 April 2013; Course Coordinators: Prof. Carolien Kroeze (WUR and OU), Serge Stalpers (SENSE), Aritta Suwarno (WUR)

S221 Dynamic Energy Budgets (8.0 ECTS)
15-26 April 2013; Course coordinator: Bas Kooijman (VU) 

S101E Speciation and Bioavailability (2.0 ECTS)
3-7 June 2013; Course Coordinator: Professor Raewyn M. Town

Skills Courses
An updated overview of all skills courses at SENSE universities and institutes is available now at  

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Online courses

N44311: Environmental Problems: Crossing Boundaries between Science, Policy and Society (4.3 ECTS)
e-Learning, Open University
Link to the course (Word file)

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External Courses

The following is a selection of interesting external courses.

Course Survival Analysis in Biology
Dates: 24-25 January 2013, Location: Wageningen

Course: Climate change adaptation in agriculture and natural resource management
Dates: 28 February - 1 March 2013, Location: Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen

PCDI Postdoc Retreat for Life Sciences
Dates: 13-15 March 2013, Location: Kapellerput, Heeze (Eindhoven area)

LIAISE Spring School Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services; Assessment and Valuation Tools
Dates: 15-19 April 2013, Location: Edinburgh, UK

STEPS Centre Summer School
Dates: 13-24 May 2013, Location: Brighton, UK; deadline for applications: 31 Jan 2013

VOLANTE Summer School on "Transitions in Landscape and Land Use"
Dates: 12-18 June 2013, Location: Lesvos, Greece

Summer Program in Austria for Ph.D. candidates
Dates: June, July, August 2013, Location: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – IIASA, Vienna, Austria; applications: Oct-Dec 2012

Find PhD Courses, Winter and Summer Schools in Europe at

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SENSE Events

SENSE Summer Academy 18-20 June 2013 - pre-announcement

Date: June 18, 2013
Location: Utrecht
Duration: all day.


The SENSE Summer Academy 2013 will run from 18-20 June 2013, so please keep these dates free in your calendar to join our symposium, workshops and masterclasses!


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Upcoming events

Overview of upcoming events

11 Jan 2013  NIOO-KNAW Symposium Understanding wetland dynamics: the value of long-term datasets, Wageningen > Read more...

15 Jan 2013  Trillingen: meer dan hinderlijke bodemverontreiniging?, VVM bureau, Utrecht > Read more...

24 Jan 2013  WEES lecture Bertus Beaumont: Adaptive radiation, flagella and the evolution of biological complexity, Wageningen > Read more...

28-31 Jan 2013  CfP - Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference, Tokyo, Japan > Read more...

29 Jan 2013  'Duurzame' voeding: Topsector Agro en Food en Integrale duurzame voeding en landbouw?, VVM bureau, Utrecht > Read more...

5-6 Feb 2013  Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM), Lunteren > Read more...

11-13 Feb 2013  YES Meeting Interdisciplinary discourse on current environmental challenges, Krakow, Poland > Read more...

25-26 Feb 2013  International Conference: Two Hundred Years of Urban Meteorology, Florence, Italy > Read more...

16-20 Mar 2013  TWAM 2013: International Conference & Workshops: Transboundary water management across borders and interfaces; present and future challenges, Aveiro, Portugal > Read more...

18-20 Mar 2013  European Climate Change Adaptation Conference 2013: Integrating Climate into Action, Hamburg, Germany > Read more...

7-10 Apr 2013  Symposium Biorefinery for Food, Fuel and Materials, Wageningen > Read more...

16-19 Apr 2013  12th International UFZ-Deltares Conference on Groundwater-Soil-Systems and Water Resource Management, Barcelona, Spain > Read more...

22-25 Apr 2013  2nd Sustainable Watershed Management Conference - CALL FOR PAPERS, Turkey > Read more...

24-26 Apr 2013  3rd International Conference on Water Economics, Statistics and Finance, Marbella, Spain > Read more...

24-26 Apr 2013  Conference on Asset management for enhancing energy efficiency in water and wastewater systems, Marbella, Spain > Read more...

2-4 May 2013  International scientific conference "Landscape and Imagination. Towards a new baseline for education in a changing world", Paris, France > Read more...

17-18 May 2013  International Workshop: The rush of China and India to Africa: State versus market driven development cooperation strategies, The Hague > Read more...

21-24 May 2012  International Conference: Water in the Anthropocene - Challenges for Science and Governance. Indicators, Thresholds and Uncertainties of the Global Water System, Bonn, Germany > Read more...

27-30 May 2013  Impacts World 2013, International Conference on Climate Change Effects, Potsdam, Germany > Read more...

29-31 May 2013  Symposium: Developing Capacity from Rio to Reality: Who's taking the lead?, Delft > Read more...

29-31 May 2013  International Conference: Cooperation or Conflict? Economics of natural resources and food, Wageningen > Read more...

30 May 2013 BCF Career Event, RAI Amsterdam > Read more...

3 June 2013  21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, Denmark > Read more...

17-18 June 2013  Conference on Desertification and Land Degradation, Ghent, Belgium (deadline for abstract submission: 1 Feb 2013) > Read more...

25-28 June 2013  2nd International Conference Energy & Meteorology - Water & Climate for the Energy Industry - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS, Toulouse, France > Read more...

26-29 June 2013  SIM2013 - International Conference Sustainable Intelligent Manufacuring, Lisbon, Portugal (deadline abstract submission: 12 Jan 2013) > Read more...

1-3 July 2013  Fourth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies, Groningen > Read more...

2-5 July 2013  GI_Forum 2013 - Creating the GISociety (including a special session on Ecosystem and Biodiversity Monitoring), Salzburg, Austria (deadline for paper submission: 1 Feb 2013) > Read more...

22-27 Sept 2013  8th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems, Dubrovnik, Croatia (deadline abstract submission: 15 Feb 2013) > Read more...

28-30 Dec 2013  12th International Asian Urbanization Conference: "Urban Dynamics, Environment and Health: Challenges for the Twenty First Century", Varanasi, India (deadline abstract submission: 30 Apr 2013) > Read more...

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Netherlands Ecological Research Network

For the ecologists among you, additional interesting events and other news are presented through NERN Messages, the e-News of the Netherlands Ecological Research Network. NERN is a network of which all people working in ecology in the Netherlands can be part of. > Read more
To subscribe to the NERN Messages, please send a mail to Claudius van de Vijver.

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Postdoc information

PCDI Postdoc Retreat for Life Sciences

Date: March 13, 2013
Location: Conference hotel Kapellerput, Heeze (Eindhoven area)
Duration: all day.

Regardless of how talented or passionate you are about science, positions in academia are scarce and only 1 out of 10 PhDs will eventually make it to a principle investigator. The other 90% will have to follow another career path. It is therefore crucial that you -as an early career researcher- know how to be well prepared for the future.


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Applications possible for PCDI Mini-conference - deadline 1 Feb 2013

PCDI is proud to announce it has received funding to organize another series of Postdoc - PI dialogues, after running the successful pilot project in 2011/12. These projects are organized as mini-conferences to bring together Principal Investigators (PIs) and young scientists of an institute to have an active dialogue about the importance of personal and career development. As the local dean and policymakers are also involved, the outcome of the dialogues can serve as a basis for improved postdoc policy.

The new series of mini-conferences will focus on the Beta faculties and the Universities of Technologies. Would you be interested to organize a Postdoc - PI dialogue with PCDI at your institute in 2013? Apply before 1 February 2013 by sending us an email stating why you think your faculty/university would benefit from taking part in this project.

More information

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Postdoc Career Development Initiative

The mission of the Postdoc Career Development Initiative is to support talented young scientists in career orientation and development.

Following a PhD thesis or postdoc position, researchers need to make important decisions on their career. The traditional academic career path is generally well-known, while alternative career paths are experienced as more difficult to oversee.

At PCDI, we believe that PhDs -as highly qualified knowledge workers- have a lot to offer to the Dutch economy/society. PCDI therefore aims to be a mediator between PhDs and the world of Life Sciences: academia, industry, public private partnerships and others.

PCDI encourages researchers to pursue continued personal development during their employment in order to make most out of their potential. PCDI supports early career researchers at identifying and the acquiring relevant professional competencies. This includes familiarization with science outreach, knowledge valorisation and entrepreneurship, matters that go beyond mere acquisition of scientific techniques.

PCDI negotiates for the interests of early career researchers with policymakers from academia and businesses, involved in talent development to better liaise the availability of highly qualified knowledge workers and the economic demand. Started out as an organisation targeting life sciences, health and technology, PCDI aims to broaden her scope to other disciplines in the future.

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Look out for predatory publishers

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Use your own NARCIS QR-code

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ORCiD: A New Spine Number for Researchers

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Practicalities archive

On the SENSE website you can find information on:

  • SENSE Benchmarks for Publication output
  • Measuring the Societal Impact of SENSE Research Groups
  • The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice
  • Publication tops and trics


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Calls, funding, grants

Harvard Environmental Fellows Program - application deadline 16 Jan 2013

The Harvard University Center for the Environment created the Environmental Fellows program to enable recent doctorate recipients to use and expand Harvard's extraordinary resources to tackle complex environmental problems. The Environmental Fellows will work for two years with Harvard faculty members in any school or department to create new knowledge while also strengthening connections across the University's academic disciplines.


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IIASA’s Young Scientists Summer Program - deadline 14 Jan 2013

IIASA’s annual 3-month Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) offers research opportunities to talented young researchers whose interests correspond with IIASA’s ongoing research on issues of global environmental, economic and social change. From June through August accepted participants work within the Institute’s Research Programs under the guidance of IIASA scientific staff.


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Apply now for Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG) - deadline 7 Mar 2013

Call for proposals 2013 for Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (CIG) was published on 18 October 2012. Career Integration Grants (CIG) support experienced researchers of any nationality, with at least 4 years’ full-time research experience or a doctoral degree. The grant is a flat-rate contribution towards research costs. These may, for example, include the salary costs of the researcher or other staff employed for the project, travel costs, consumables, patent costs and publication costs. The grant will cover a period of 2 to 4 years.


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Brazilian – Netherlands Research Programme on ‘Biobased Economy’ - deadline 25 Apr 2013

Source, with more information: Bulletin of the Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences:

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Principal or Senior Research Fellow - Climate Policy, Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics - deadline 20 Jan 2013

The Grantham Research Institute at the London School of Economics aims to be a world-leading centre for research, teaching and training in climate change and the environment. We produce both academic research and policy-oriented analysis for a wider audience. We seek to appoint a candidate with a strong analytical background to lead, and make a significant contribution to, our engagement with policy makers in Europe and internationally. The Institute would prefer to appoint at Principal Research Fellow level but will consider outstanding applicants at Senior Research Fellow level if no suitable applications are received at Principal level.


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Faculty Position Announcement Environmental Microbiology/Biotechnology, Whiting School of Engineering Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering Johns Hopkins University - deadline 15 Jan 2013

The Department of Geography and Environmental Engineering at Johns Hopkins University invites applications for a tenure-track position in environmental microbiology/biotechnology beginning in Fall 2013. We seek applicants with strong scientific foundations who are interested in the application of microbial, molecular biological, or biochemical techniques to systems related to environmental engineering.


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PhD Position in Animal and Microbial Ecology, University of Groningen - deadline 20 Jan 2013

The Animal Ecology and Microbial Ecology groups at the University of Groningen are seeking to recruit a PhD student to strengthen a research team working on the interaction between birds and microbes. The position is full-time and available immediately.


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(Sr) Lecturer in Hydrogeology and Groundwater Resources - deadline 15 Jan 2013

The UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education offers post-graduate education in Delft, The Netherlands, and carries out research and capacity building projects all over the world.


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General vacancies page Netherlands Ecological Research Network (NERN)

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General research vacancies page GHG Europe (Greenhoude gas management in European land use systems)

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