Open Letter

Open letter by Dutch scientists on IPCC and errors in Climate Report 2007

Posted by: Jo Dalle Nogare on March 30, 2010 06:19:33 PM +02:00

[Dutch version]

In response to the ongoing discussion about the reliability of the IPCC and the climate reports, a group of 55 leading Dutch scientists working in the field of climate change, energy and the environment has written an open letter. The letter was published in several Dutch media on February 10.

After this date, the opportunity for additional support signatories was provided till about March 20, 2010. This possibility was used by 222 scientists (professor or doctor) from the Netherlands and from other countries. You can download the full open letter (including the complete list of 277 signatories and support signatories) below.

Click HERE to download the pdf version of the open letter in English (including the complete list of signatories and support signatories).