Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

A2 Research Context Activity

A2 coordinator: Katarzyna Negacz

One leading principle in the choice of a specific A2 project will always be that the PhD student him-/herself and his/her PhD research should benefit from the proposed A2 project.

If, for example, a PhD candidate would like to include multidisciplinary considerations in one of the dissertation chapters, then the actual writing of this chapter could count as a successful A2 project – depending, of course, upon the approval of the final result by the A2 coordinator.

The specific criteria to which the outcome of an A2 project will be evaluated are:

  • Scientific communication, as demonstrated by the clarification of analysis, accurate explanation of relevant knowledge, clarity of argument for experts as well as for lay persons;
  • Multidisciplinarity, as demonstrated by the inclusion of relevant research questions from other scientific disciplines beyond one’s own specialization and specified arguments for the relevance of such multidisciplinary research questions.

Possible forms the A2 activity might take are:

  • Organisation of a SENSE PhD Colloquium or a SENSE Context Symposium (about the "bigger picture" of your research);
  • Organisation of a course;
  • Writing a research proposal (for a new research project);
  • Present (part of) your research at: (this can be a very challenging experience);
  • Create and upload your own scientfic 'home video' at Youtube, this may generate many hits and interest for your work;
  • Present (part of) your research at the ClubGreen website (for details on this option, see:;
  • Create (or contribute to) an information page in Wikipedia, such as for example may be found at:;
  • Your own suggested form (contact the A2 coordinator first for approval).

Another challenging outcome of an A2-project can be the writing of a so-called ‘research view’, which is a short (max. 6 pages) critical evaluation of the PhD candidate’s own research. Such an evaluation should place the research within a broader perspective. Such A2 Research Views may be published on the personal webpage of the PhD students (and also in the SENSE e-News). The A2 activity can also be the basis for a publication in journals that publish VIEWS, e.g. Re/Views in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology ( or Environmental Chemistry Letters (

How to arrange your A2:

This mandatory research activity may be operationalised in different forms, which should be discussed with the A2 coordinator, Katarzyna Negacz beforehand.

Please contact her timely by email, so as to choose a project which inspires you and which contributes to the success of your research!

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