Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Interpretive Policy Analysis Summer School: Conflict and sustainable futures

Date: 09 July 2018
Location: Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), Amsterdam

This intensive PhD summer school (3 ECTS) will provide PhD candidates with in-depth knowledge of interpretive methodologies and theories to understand and intervene in conflicts about sustainable futures. The summerschool focuses on methodological innovations that take an integrated approach to the social, cultural, ethical and actionable dimensions of knowledge production, both by academics, as well as by practitioners from industry, government, and non-governmental organizations. An interpretive approach recognizes that knowledge, practices and policy process are “constituted and mediated through communicative practices” (Fischer and Gottweis, 2012:2), and seeks to develop new ways of useable and critical knowledge production such as co-production and deliberative policy analysis. Conflicts can be focal points for the problem defintions, understandings, ideologies, organizational routines and practices, identities and action preferences of a range of actors in a complex policy system. By making conflict productive, the creative potential in the system can be unleashed and harnessed towards epistemically and democratically inclusive solutions. The central theme of the summer school is conflicts and collaboration for sustainable futures. Participants will explore possible ways of understanding, analyzing, explaining and intervening in these complex transitions to more sustainable societies.

In the morning lectures will be given. In the afternoon interactive sessions take place.

We will be announcing the complete program including keynote speakers by the end of February.

Intended credits3.0 ECTS
Course feesEarly bird:
  -  WASS, PE&RC and WIMEK/SENSE PhDs with TSP, AMS PhDs:   € 300
  -  All others:   € 600
After 15 April:
  -  WASS, PE&RC and WIMEK/SENSE PhDs with TSP, AMS PhDs:   € 400
  -  All others:   € 700
Course organisationWageningen School of Social Sciences
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