Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Professor and Chair to lead the Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group, Wageningen University

Application deadline: 8 May 2019

The Forest and Nature Conservation Policy Group (FNP) develops knowledge and expertise, and teaches on forest and nature conservation policies and governance. The Chair Group has a specific focus on:

  • Forest and nature conservation governance, including the role of power and knowledge; 
  • Human-nature interactions, including peoples’ experiences and values of nature; 
  • Management of forest value chains and markets, including the role of business actors.

As the new chair you will further advance an innovative research and education programme at Wageningen University. You will acquire research funding and teach and supervise students and PhD candidates. You will develop an internationally relevant research programme, drawing on the expertise of the current team. The new chair must therefore be able to and willing to encourage research from different theoretical and methodological research traditions, and stimulate the development of a shared mission and vision.

You will ensure the Group continues to grow into a supportive working environment for young and established academics. You are a successful applicant if you are able to further strengthen the Chair Group’s profile in national and international networks, as well as effectively and constructively lead the Group’s internal processes.

We ask 

  • you hold a PhD degree in social or political science, or a related discipline; 
  • you have profound knowledge of forest and nature conservation policies and governance 
  • you are receptive to both the social and natural sciences perspective; 
  • you have a proven scientific track record with publications of recognised international quality; 
  • you can share a vision for future research, education and societal impact; 
  • you are perfectly able to demonstrate an inspiring, collegial, and unifying leadership style characterized by the passion to develop people, to build teams, and to create synergy; 
  • you possess a shown capacity of acquiring, leading and managing externally-funded research projects; 
  • you are an inspiring teacher and supervisor, with the ability to develop courses at Bachelor, Master, and PhD level, and with an interest and capacity to innovate teaching methods; 
  • you have affinity with transdisciplinary research and with working on policy-relevant issues

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Wednesday 20 March 2019