Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Assistant Professor Numerical methods and numerical models for RiverHydraulics, University of Twente

Application deadline: 25 May 2019

As the current state-of-the-art hydraulic river models are becoming increasingly complex we ask for a numerical modeler who knows the engineering river models and is a specialist in numerical schemes and CFD models. You can align with the national initiative of a numerical river lab in which the links and differences of 1D-2D-3D river models are central. We envision applications to ecohydraulics (pollution, plastics), sediment transport and hydrology (floods, droughts). Also, this modelling will be used to evaluate the effects of human interventions as side channels, dike replacement or land use changes. For a balanced composition of our team, we have a preference for a person having a civil engineering background.

Teaching: You will take your part in the teaching tasks of our group. We think of a combination of several courses, e.g. BSc course in Fluid Dynamics, parts of the MSc courses in River Dynamics and/or a MSc Python course. You will also supervise graduation projects at BSc and MSc level. The total teaching load will be about 40%. If you are not yet formally qualified for teaching at universities, this qualification needs to be obtained within 2 years, for which a training program is offered (University Teaching Qualification, UTQ).

Research: We are looking for an independent researcher who is able to identify the academic questions in practical applications related to river hydraulics and vice versa: to translate academic research results into engineering practice. You are able to attract (external) research funding (scientific research grants and funding from third parties) for PDEng, PhD and Postdoc positions. Also, you act as a daily supervisor of these researchers. Next, you have a strong track record in publishing papers in international peer-reviewed journals and have the potential to coach junior researchers in doing so.

General: You have a successful track record in numerical modelling of (river)hydraulics, state-of-the art knowledge of hydraulic programs (e.g. Comsol, OpenFoam, HEC-RAS, SOBEK, Waqua, Delft3D or similar) as well as knowledge on numerical schemes and surrogate models. You are enthusiastic about working in a team of academics, and feel committed to teaching (in the BSc and MSc programmes in Civil Engineering and Management) and to supervising junior researchers. You are capable and willing to maintain good (national and international) contacts with consultants, knowledge institutes and the government.

Start: in 2019 (before January 1st 2020)

Your profile

  • MSc and PhD in Hydraulic Modelling from a background in Civil Engineering, Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Applied Mathematics or related discipline.
  • Experience in numerical modelling of river hydraulics
  • Strong publication record in numerical modelling of (river)hydraulics
  • Proven capability in attracting research funding
  • Good teaching skills, willingness to take the University Teaching Qualification
  • Good coaching skills (BSc, MSc and PhD students)
  • Teamplayer
  • Good communication skills (in English and preferably also in Dutch)

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Tuesday 9 April 2019