Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Nature Economics Researcher, Wageningen University & Research

Application deadline: 27 May 2019, 9:00 AM

Are you the promising researcher who will support public and private policy makers on how to quantitatively integrate use of green and blue landscapes for food production, nature and biodiversity?

We are looking for a talented colleague with a market- and customer-oriented attitude and a great affinity for applied scientific research. Experience in conducting research projects involving the economic valuation of green and blue landscape use, nature-inclusive food production and monetising societal valuation of biodiversity and landscapes is a must. You should have the capability and the ambition to develop and lead projects in that field. Your most important activities in doing so will be: 

Conducting research activities, including quantitative projects on economic valuation of green and blue landscape use with an emphasis on societal cost-benefit analyses and micro-economic simulations. 

Working in project teams that vary in size and complexity. These may vary from a few colleagues at Wageningen Economic Research to larger teams consisting of researchers from different organisations. An example of this would be other organisational divisions such as Wageningen Environmental Research, but also PBL and international consortia. 

Maintaining regular contact with your clients, whereby you proactively and sufficiently adapt to their wishes and needs. Clients include the Ministries of LNV and I&W, PBL, provinces and water boards, the European Commission (incl. H2020) and non-governmental organisations. 

Contributing to the acquisition of new research projects, including from your active network in nature economics as well as actively contributing to knowledge development and method/product innovation. We have seven expertise groups at Wageningen Economic Research. You will be working in the expertise group Green Economy and Land Use. The expertise group is focused on the economic perspective and sustainable development of green and blue growth via integral explorations, cost-benefit analyses, evaluation methods, and business models.

Place of employment is Wageningen.

We ask 

  • a completed university degree programme in economics, plus five to ten years of research experience (including PhD research); 
  • highly developed analytical skills and knowledge of quantitative research methods, particularly societal cost-benefit analysis; 
  • a client-driven interest in applying economic research in public and private domains; 
  • an interest in and network involving green and blue landscape use; 
  • the ability and experience to work as a team-player in multidisciplinary teams in complex project environments; 
  • insight into the domain and the entrepreneurial capacity to transform innovative ideas into concrete projects and products; 
  • team- and result-driven acquisition and project leadership capabilities and experience with acquiring and leading projects; 
  • the capacity to communicate and collaborate engagingly, as well as spoken and written communication skills in Dutch and English; 
  • experience in publishing research results in reports and peer-reviewed journals.

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Thursday 9 May 2019