Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Assistant Professor Numerical modelling of multi-scale coastal aeolian processes, University of Twente

Application deadline: 17 June 2019

Urbanized sandy coastlines are vulnerable to natural forces of water and wind, and related sand transport. Beach-dune systems are first line defences against flooding, but also have an important socio-economic function, recreation and tourism, requiring them to stay natural. Increasing societal and environmental pressure on these coastlines demand innovative solutions protecting both natural and built environment, which our group seeks in nature based engineering approaches. The development and design of such innovative solutions require in depth understanding of the wind-driven dynamics of sandy flood defences, both natural and engineered, including the complex conditions created by changes in roughness from water to land, the high levels of turbulence and the size of turbulent structures. The interaction with the human built structures in itself will lead to even more complex airflow conditions for the dunes with induced smaller scale turbulent structures which all will affect sand transportation.

We are looking for an assistant professor specialized in computational fluid dynamics methods to complement our data-driven modelling and field expertise on coastal aeolian morphodynamics. Validation of the computational results with experimental and/or field results is essential. We foresee development of open source CFD models (OpenFoam) based on advanced engineering aerodynamic models, validated by experiments, in the field and on specific lab scale, in collaboration with the fluid mechanics group that hold extensive expertise on advanced computational aerodynamics and have experimental facilities for wind tunnel testing.

Teaching: As assistant professor you will take part in the teaching tasks of our group at both Bsc and MSc level. These may include e.g. a BSc level course on Fluid Dynamics and contributing to our MSc course on Building with Nature and/or Python programming course. You will also supervise research thesis projects at both BSc and MSc level. The total teaching load will amount to about 40% of your time. If you are not yet formally qualified for teaching at universities, this qualification needs to be obtained within 2 years, for which a training program is offered (University Teaching Qualification, UTQ).

Research: We are looking for an independent researcher who is able to identify the academic questions in practical applications related to coastal aeolian processes and vice versa: to translate academic research results into engineering practice. You are expected to attract (external) research funding (scientific research grants and funding from third parties) for PDEng, PhD and Postdoc positions, and will act as a daily supervisor of these researchers. In addition, you publish papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

General: We look for a person who is enthusiastic about working in a team of academics, and who feels committed to teaching in both BSc and MSc programmes in Civil Engineering and Management, as well as to coaching and supervising junior researchers. The candidate is capable and willing to maintain good (national and international) contacts with consultants, knowledge institutes and governmental agencies. The advertised position also aims to strengthen collaboration with the fluid dynamics group in mechanical engineering at the University of Twente, where both groups work on aerodynamics and movement of particles, which is relevant for understanding the mechanics of sand-based flood defences.

Start: asap

Your profile

  • PhD in Environmental Fluid Dynamics, Civil Engineering, Applied Mathematics, Aerospace Engineering, Geophysics or related discipline.
  • Experienced in numerical modelling of aerodynamics and/or aeolian processes.
  • State-of-the art knowledge of CFD software (e.g. OpenFoam, or similar).
  • Strong publication record.
  • Proven capability of attracting research funding.
  • Good teaching skills, willingness to take the University Teaching Qualification.
  • Good mentoring skills (BSc, MSc and PhD students).
  • Team player.
  • Good communication skills (in English and preferably also in Dutch, or willingness to learn Dutch).

More information:!/922141/assistant-professor-numerical-modelling-of-multi-scale-coastal-aeolian-processes

Thursday 6 June 2019