Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment
Research School for Socio-Economic and
Natural Sciences of the Environment

Postdoc Climate Change Risk Assessments, Wageningen University

Application deadline: 12 July 2019

Wageningen University and the Climate Adaptation Services Foundation in collaboration with 8 other European partners are involved in the project Unpacking climate impact CHAINs. A new generation of action- and user-oriented climate change risk assessments (UNCHAIN). UNCHAIN aims at further developing a practical and manageable climate change risk assessment framework based on the concept of Impact Chains. UNCHAIN will address, support and integrate a broad array of stakeholders. Its audiences are local authorities, private businesses, private home owners, and sub-national and national authorities in their capacity of supporting and facilitating local policy-making. UNCHAIN’s scientific objectives will in general contributing to enabling accurate, science based, high resolution CC risk assessments, and will in particular relate to six innovations relating to existing climate change risk assessment frameworks: (1) address a shift in adaptation focus from merely adjusting to the possible need for transforming society; (2) apply the concept of co-production of knowledge during all stages of knowledge production; (3) analyse how societal change, regardless of climate change, can affect local climate change vulnerabilities and the socio-economic consequences involved in local climate change adaptation; (4) develop a framework for an improved understanding of uncertainties involved in local decision-making on climate change adaptation, aiming to shift focus from mastering to managing such uncertainties; (5) identify risks of mal-mitigation and mal-adaptation and how to reduce such risks, and (6) identify transnational climate risks and ways to adapt to such risks.

At the core of the project are cases (two cases per country) that will be used as a ‘laboratory’ to develop and test the new climate change risk assessment framework. Within the project a three year full time post-doc position is available. The post-doc will be responsible for two case studies. The first case study focusses on Climate change impacts on financial investment portfolios and the second case study is about Risks and impacts of climate change on railway infrastructure. In addition the post-doc will be responsible for the Evaluation of all case studies in the project by first developing a methodology for the evaluate how the case studies contribute in testing the five main innovation of UNCHAIN and thereafter evaluate how the five innovations have been included in the case studies and to what extent they have contributed to improved risk assessment and climate change adaptation. The post-doc will be employed by Wageningen University but the post-doc is expected to work both at Wageningen University and the Climate Adaptation Foundation in Bussum.

We ask

The candidate is an enthusiastic team player with the following qualifications: 

  • PhD in Climate or Environmental Sciences or related field 
  • Strong data analyses and computer programming skills 
  • Proven scientific ambition, proven performance in scientific writing, and strong ambition and experience in publishing scientific papers 
  • Very good English communication skills 
  • Knowledge of Dutch or willingness to learn Dutch to interact with stakeholders 
  • Willingness to teach in BSc and MSc courses and supervise MSc students 
  • Willingness to travel to project meetings and partners 
  • Flexibility to adjust your work based on feedback of Stakeholders and project Partners 
  • Willingness to work in both Bussum and Wageningen

More information:

Thursday 27 June 2019